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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

RoastWatch has gone into overdrive in the last few weeks. Following Man United's Portugese gang bang, Leroy Lita decided to get into a bit of Bluetooth action (thats a phone reference) and this has swiftly been followed by news of David Nugent to trying to get in on the act.

The England U21 striker has been caught using his mobile phone to send nude pictures of himself to a young woman he recently met in a bar. The shocked lady decided to the honourable thing and send the message on to her mates so they could all laugh at Nugent's not so spectacular tackle.

Nugent has hardly been in prolific form since his transfer to Pompey and this debacle hardly does him any favours. We haven't printed the horrifying picture of Nugent here as we would not want to give anyone a heart attack but for those of a curious nature, feel free to browse the following article to fill you in on all the sordid details



3 Responses to "***Roast Watch***"

Wunderkid Says:

What do you mean, "Man U.'s Portuguese gang-bang?"

Wunderkid Says:

And what did Leroy Lita do?

Sunil Says:

If you have a look at our previous Roast Watch articles then you will know what we are talking about!