Things Currently Annoying Me In Football....

Monday, 9 January 2012

Its been a while since I have posted anything remotely interesting so here is brief summary with all things that are annoying me in football these days

Roberto Mancini 

I have a lot of respect for Roberto for the following reasons;

1)  He was a brilliant striker
2)  He brought madcap Mario Balotelli to England
3)  No matter what the weather or situation he looks so suave in that scarf and coat you just cant help but admire his style (in a non homosexual way : but if you look at him that way thats no problem)

However, his recent whinge that he would struggle to fill his subs bench for the Man Utd game was simply laughable.  The guy has spent over £350m on his squad for crying out loud. He even has the luxury of signing players like Owen Hargreaves even though he has no intention of playing him.  What does he want us to do, have a quick whip round the office to help him out?  Simply ridiculous

Add to this his criticism of Wayne Rooney's card waving and it seems like Mancini is slightly losing the plot. Cast your mind back to the Man City Vs Liverpool game Roberto. Pot, kettle and black (or should that be N*grita?)

Here is a link to Mancini's moan about his squad depth


One Footed Players

I am pretty sure that everyone will agree that football players are overpaid in a massive fashion.  However, one thing that infuriates me is that approximately 99% of players are incredibly rubbish on their other foot.  I mean, these guys have all week to train and none of them can be bothered to put in the extra 10% to practice with their crap leg.  I get fed up of seeing the likes of Stewart Downing or even my beloved Chris Brunt running halfway across the pitch because they cannot shift the ball sideways with their other foot or make a 5 yard pass with their right foot.  Here's some advice. Get practicising on the other foot and you may start becoming a better player!  Perhaps Downing might actually hit the target on the pitch rather than in real life (muhahaha-not condoning any sort of physical assault whatsoever)

The Return of Old Players

First it was Thierry, then it was Scholesy? When will the madness of these managers stop?  Are they going to bring back Eric Cantona and Tony Adams next? How about Steve Ogrizovic?  Henry recently had a statue built of him at Highbury and that will probably be just as mobile as Mr Henry's own performances in the next few weeks.  Farcical

Ray Wilkins

I will personally pay for a taxi for this man to the QPR job if it means getting him off my TV Screen.  MY WORD!

Commentators blaming Johnny Foreigner

Why oh why when we see a player diving or waving an imaginary card is it immediately stated that "people didn't do that in England before foreigners came over."  This lazy commentary has been bleated for years.  If people actually watched football in the 1970s and players such as Francis Lee, then people would realise that sort of behaviour has been going on long before the arrival of Johnny Foreigner.  Let's just accept that all players do it.  Do some You-Tubing of Joe Cole , Steven Gerrard and various other English folks to get the picture.


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