Things I Miss About Football..

Monday, 30 January 2012

It seems that a lot of people are not talking about football these days.  Whether it be racism, gayism (ok not sure if that's an actual word) or other outrageous incidents not even related to the beautiful game.  Here are a few things which I think should be brought back/or removed to help bring the English game back to the glory days of the 90s.

1) The Pink Paper - This is one for people who are over the age of 25 mainly and what used to be the highlight of my Saturday night.  Before the advent of the internet and Sky TV the quickest way to get the match report (apart from CEEFAX) was this evening paper which would publish your local teams report almost 2 hours after full time.  Incroyable!  The paper would also provide a fixture list and the results so far as well as the tables at the end of the day.  All for about 30p. What more could you want? You can shove BBC live text commentary up your a*se!

2) Confetti - I may be wrong on this one but in my experience not many  English fans still tear up bits of paper at the top of the stand and chuck them into the air as the players emerge from the kick off.  A wonderful opening match ritual

3) Scrap hand shakes for good - Before players would emerge from the tunnel and charge towards their half of the pitch before the obligatory chants from the crowd to get the game going.  Now thanks to the powers that be we have to watch the players all massaging each others hands in what is quite simply a pointless exercise.  Why have player handshakes when a they might be elbowing, stamping or racially abusing each other later on? Answers on a postcard please

4) Keep injury time a secret - Before recent times we never knew how much injury time there was at a game heading into the final minutes.  Why did I prefer this you may ask?  Anyone who experienced hanging on 1 minute from the end to a single goal lead would simply be sh*tting themselves at this point as they had no idea how long was left. Thousands of people would be whistling/screaming for the ref to blow up creating an almighty crescendo. This made the feeling when the whistle went even more glorious.  Now you can simply sit in comfort thinking "only one minute to go...". BORING

5) Teams just going all out to win  - This is an obvious one but the cost of losing is so great financially that teams now just daren't go all out to win and instead many are force to try not to lose.  In the old days, everyone just used to go for it, even if it meant taking a pasting.

Can anyone else think of anything that they really miss about football....?


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