David Moyes, says what we have all been thinking....

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

David Moyes has been accused of racism by the Nigerian football association for making claims against the real age of Yakubu. African footballers suffer greatly when it comes to whether they are the age they say they are, Ghana and Nigeria always seem to do well in competitions with age restrictions. It really makes you wonder why that hasn't always translated to future senior success, but if a bunch of 25 years olds are playing in an under 17s world cup then there really isn't a chance for everyone else is there. In senior football you then have a bunch of 40 year olds playing youngsters so now the tables have turned.

Freddy Adu is a good example, apparently he is 18 years of age now, but my mother claims that she went to school with him, so make what you want of that, just kidding. God knows how old Roger Milla was when he played i
n the 1994 world cup, apparently he was 42 but he may have been much older, and who knows how old Okocha is right now. My Nigerian friends always tell me its a fact that their ages are fabricated, especially as some of them may have attended school with older siblings. For example look at Kanu, he claims to be 32, and this is him as a 20 year old. Hmmmm

Yakubu claims to be the only a few months older than me, as some of you may know, I look very fresh faced, if Yakubu looks 25 then i probably look 12.

Freddy Adu is 18 allegedly, well I hope he is or the dirty thoughts he is having about Jojo in this picture would be oh so wrong.

At the end of the day who really cares, they are all great players anyway.

Here is the David Moyes story in full

Nigeria fury over Moyes comments

The Nigeria Football Association (NFA) has written to the English FA asking for Everton manager David Moyes to be sanctioned.

Moyes questioned the true age of his striker Yakubu Ayegbeni and of Nigerian players in general.

"He's only 25, albeit a Nigerian 25, and so if that is his age he's still got a good few years ahead of him," Moyes told the Guardian newspaper.

NFA spokesman Ademola Olajire says the comments have embarrassed the country.

"His statement is insulting to the Nigerian nation and unbecoming of a Premier League manager," Olajire told BBC Sport.

"We don't take kindly to snide remarks about our players, or our nation and we have sent a strongly-worded complaint to the English FA.

"Seriously, we will go at any length to ensure he is brought to book to explain his comments."

Moyes was speaking after Everton's Uefa Cup win over SK Brann on Thursday.

He was praising Yakubu, who scored a hat-trick.

4 Responses to "David Moyes, says what we have all been thinking...."

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

So true, when Kanu was at Arsenal you would never have believed it was in his mid-20s...Moyes has some cojones though to go out and say it, and so glibly too

Ryan Says:

I’ve been saying the same since Italia 90 when Roger Milla broke onto the scene. He danced like a 40yr old then, so go only knows how old he was in 94. He was probably the only player at the world cup eligible for a winter fuel allowance!!

As for Kanu, he was 18 for about 6 yrs at Ajax. Then when he went to inter he was only 20 or summat.

He’s also gotta be 35ish.

It’s a joke.

Anna Says:

I've never thought about the junior success of some of Africa's teams in that way but it would make sense, wouldn't it?

"A Nigerian 25" - Moyes has some balls LOL

chris c paul Says:

I smiled when Moyes said that. Good on him for expressing common knowledge. The accurate recording of age and so forth is a particularly Western tradition. My girlfriend, aged 30 something, has an ID card from Uruguay with a puicure of her clearly aged about 2 and a half. It says she is 7 years old! This measuring of a person by age is worthy an article in itself really. What a good idea.

Sheringham is retiring today aged 42. Gary Speed has played on and on too. All goes to show how with a good base level of fitness, and a game that doesn't depend only on pace, age it not the all defining factor we are told it is. Always. Kanu's form descended much more quickly than you would have expected from a player 'his age'.

Writes Chris Paul, 29.