Randoms questions from a disillusioned man....

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I'm slightly disillusioned with the beautiful game at the moment, but here are some questions I have that need answers, anyone willing to help?

Are Arsenal actually going to make every sane persons nightmare come true and win the premiership or will they throw it away and spare us from another 30 years of gloating? Remember that unbeaten season?

Is Adebayor the best around at the moment or is he just having another Kevin Phillips-esque good season and be found out next season?

Is Eduardo still the world’s greatest finisher ever, even though he has one foot and has only scored 4 premiership goals this season?

Do Liverpool really want DIC and was Rafa’s response to the news of the world the funniest interview ever? Should he be afraid of a bit of DIC?

Is Cheryl Tweedy now regretting the day she rejected me?

Was the Chelsea Liverpool game the most boring exhibition of anything, since your mum forced you to sit and watch songs of praise all those years ago?

When will Crisitano Ronaldo realise that to hold onto the title of world’s best player you need to perform in the big games too, just look at Thierry Henry?

How did Egypt win the African nations again with some brilliant albeit completely unknown players?

Is Manucho seriously the new world’s greatest striker ever, if not then how long before Man United fans start telling us that he is?

When will the English public realise that its going to take a hell of a lot more than just a good manager, with his draconian rule to turn England into a world footballing power? It needs a complete change or philosophy, something that Capello can’t do in 5 years.

Why did Ferguson bottle it after the Man City game and not come out to congratulate the City fans on impeccably observing the minute’s silence?

What will Joey Barton have to do to be permanently removed from public circulation? Rape or murder on a football pitch?

Is Avram Grant the biggest big game bottler manager around right now?

How funny would it be to see a side like Fulham travel to China for a relegation decider, and get sent down in front of a billion screaming fans who haven’t got a clue what’s going on?

Why wasn’t I consulted about this 39th game?

Is there really anyone stupid enough to believe that Liverpool fans have pledged 60 million pounds towards their takeover?

Now that spurs are no longer the laughing stock of the premiership, will they crack the top 4 next season?

Is the situation at Newcastle the most predictable thing in the world ever and who will be sad if that joke of an establishment gets relegated to the championship? Deluded clowns.

Answers on a post card please.

4 Responses to "Randoms questions from a disillusioned man...."

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

Those are indeed some conundrums you've come up with. Not sure I think you'll too Arsenal fans gloating though....no more than you would if Liverpool finally won it!

I don't agree that Ade is the greatest striker and all that bollocks. He scored a good goal on Monday, but I was at the game, and he was pretty gash for the rest of it. I don't think he'll get found out as such, because a team like Arsenal will always create chances, and we seem to play to his style. Put him in another team though and God knows.

Anonymous Says:

Unfortunately not all arsenal fans are like you valderarma, im still being told that the invincibles are the greatest team in the world ever, even though they amassed less points than Chelsea did in 2005 and only won one trophy.

Anonymous Says:

That Chelsea/Liverpool game was absolutely dreadful. For all of Grant's talk about "attractive" football that game was nothing but hoof and run. It was awful. Even Joey Cole seemed bored.

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

Seems to be a lot of what you get in the Premier League these days is hoof and run, and defensive play. Which why all this 'best league in the world' bollocks that is always trotted out is such crap.

Just because we have lots of gritty players who work hard doesn't mean they're any good.