Spur's Fan Gatecrashes Team Photo

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

After all the news surrounding Eduardo's snapped banjo it has gone un-noticed amongst many people the hilarious incident after Sunday's Cup Final where a Spurs fan managed to gatecrash the celebrations after the extra time win for Ramos' side.

It is not quite sure how the man managed to escape the clutches of security but fair play to the Spurs team for helping to join in the fun by spraying him from head to toe in champagne. Here he is below enjoying his 15 minutes of fame

The image brought back memories of when Karl Power, a Manchester United fan, managed to sneak into the team photo for a Manchester United Champions League Game. The same man also managed to merk the England cricket team by posing as one of their players when a new batsman was called in, though to be fair if he had actually made it all the way there is no chance that he could have done any worse than any of their actual players.

To add to this, there are vicious rumours circulating that an a miserable Israeli man with a face like a slapped arse has managed to convince the public and Roman Abramovich that he is the manager of Chelski football club. However, apparently this has been denied vehemently by Peter Kenyon who say that everything is completely under control. Kenyon also confirmed that Ashley Cole is currently having the time of his life and that he couldn't be feeling better at the moment


4 Responses to "Spur's Fan Gatecrashes Team Photo"

Anna Says:

how lame of gaz to try and bate out that fan's scene. what a party-pooper.

Sunil Says:

Yeah I agree. Never underestimate the Neviller's ability to be a complete and utter moron

Anonymous Says:

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Chris Tremlett Says:

Right, I agree. ne'er underestimate the Neviller's ability to be a whole and utter changeling.