Football Is Sh*t

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I know what you are thinking. What an absurd headline for a blog which is trying to get people to read about the beautiful game. But I am going to be honest and say something which I thought would never say, and that I am losing interest in football. There are a number of reasons for this and I will try and run through these as best as possible, although they are in no particular order

1) Garth Crooks - I don't think I need to add anything to that one

2) Empty stadiums and small clubs - It frustrates me watching Premiership matches involving the likes of Wigan, Fulham and Portsmouth. These are teams not steeped in great football tradition and who are only where they are because of huge overseas investment. Their stadiums are shit, they can barely fill their ground and let's be honest would anybody really care if they got relegated? Let's get the bigger teams such as Leicester, Nottingham Forest and Leeds back in the Premiership, at least you would see some full houses and a bit of passionate support

3) Entertainment - I had to watch Leicester vs Plymouth the other day and nearly committed suicide. The so called entertainment nearly pushed me to jumping out the window. Watching the lower leagues has really made me realise the dire state of football in this country. No touch, no technique, just teams made of strong runners who can hoof the ball 50 yards. I am sick of managers saying "we worked hard". Thats the least I would fooking expect of people getting paid such stupid amounts of money. I am sure things werent this bad a few years ago and play off games such as Charlton 4 4 Sunderland seem a long long way now. Many people say that the Championship is so exciting cos the teams are so closely matched an nobody is running away with it. I prefer to look at it from the point of view that they are all equally as shit as each other.

Things in the Premiership are no better to be hones these days, as more teams are concerned with not losing than trying to win at all costs.

4) "Footballers" - I put this in inverted commas to highlight players such as Alan Smith and Dirk Kuyt. These are players who have no place on a football pitch and should be in crufts posing as a Golden Retriever or appearing on "One Man and his Dog - the relaunch". All they can do is run around yet they are getting paid £30-40k to do so. Would it really make a difference if I was playing up front? I mean , I couldn't possibly get any less goals could I?

5) Atmosphere at grounds - This is shite these days lets be honest, hardcore fans have been priced out the game to be replaced by the Prawn Sandwich brigade, matches are more of a big entertainment spectacle and the more family orientated idea has taken the sting out of things. Swearing and standing up is now met with bemusement rather than a wry smile and many grounds resemble a morgue.

6) Sky hype - The hype on Sky used to be funny but now its just annoying and there is no doubt that its kick off times are pissing many people off and destroying the tradition of the 3pm kick offs. I barely even watch Match of the Day anymore because the best games will be on Sunday and I don't want to stay in on Saturday night watching extended highlights of Fulham Vs Bolton in front of 5,000 fans and listening to Alan Shearer talk complete and utter crap

7) Boring cup competitions - No one gives a shit about the FA Cup anymore, the UEFA cup is a shambles and the Champions League is not even full of just Champions. All it does it stretch the gap between the big 4 and the rest of the league and hit fans in the pockets

8) Even Soccer AM has lost its razzmatazz these days

Can someone please tell me that I am wrong......


5 Responses to "Football Is Sh*t"

Rob Says:

Watch more football from other countries mate. Preferably Italy and Spain. And try to avoid BBC football coverage, Garth Crooks is indeed a twat.

For all of the negative aspects of football, one magic moment will occur before you know it and this is what draws you back to the sport!

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

I see where you're coming from, I think you need to get to more games and get in touch with the excitement of seeing it live. I don't even watch that much on TV either these days, but I still get hyped up I'm heading over the Emirates.

But I agree that overall there's a lot of dross in the game at the mo....and you didn't even touch on that whole 39th game bollocks!

Anonymous Says:

couldn't agree more. Just not feelin' football at the moment.

Matthew Says:
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Matthew Says:

so the barnsley game has just finished, and the arsenal/utd game is just about to kickoff...

you still not loving it???