2 Angry Men......

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I agree with you all that what Gallas did was petulant and a poor show, but I didn't deny that. My point was that Cahill was a pussy if he was crying when he celebrated his goal, and would normally get the piss ripped put of him. Instead its alright cause he showed some emotion.

Im sorry but losing a family member to 6 years in prison >>>>>>>>> losing 2 points in the premiership. Those are the facts, if he is a pussy for crying over this what the hell does that make William Gallas?

Gallas had spent the week consoling Bacary Sagna who's brother had died unexpectedly. He had then seen one of his teammates get his leg broken in two. Following all of that he had then seen his team draw the game due to a potentially dodgy decision in the last seconds of a tense game. Its not meant to be a sob story, but what I'm getting it is...hey, the guy showed some emotion when there was a lot going on. Shit happens.

This seems a little ridiculous, im sure Bacary has family that can console him, I think you are taking the idea of captain abit too far here, his leadership is on the pitch. I seriously doubt that Bacary needs a father figure like Gallas to look after him, im guessing he went back home to be with his family. I know Arsenal fans like to laud the family like atmosphere but i think thats taking it a bit too far. Next you will be telling me that they all have Sunday lunch together and babysit each others kids. Yes there was alot going on but seriously it wasn't the worse thing to ever happen on a football pitch, but that was probably one of the worst reactions.

But saying all that whilst I understand his reasons I do still he should have sucked it and been more of a captain. But I do think some of the reaction to it has been as OTT as his own.

I agree.

As to the whole Eduardo thing, I'm not quite sure why people think Arsenal fans are acting as if he died. I personally am sad for one of our players being injured, and wish him well. If others are taking that too far and 'grieving' then it seems to me to be a minority. But I don't see why that should really bother other fans. If a player on your team got his leg cracked like you'd all think that's a bitch, good luck to him getting back, and maybe even sing his name at a game. Haven't we been saying recently how crap supporters are for not connecting with players and vice versa?

You are not sure why? Seriously? I think sane Arsenal fans like you Jockstrap, need to realise that are alot of myopic and deluded fans too. The grieving and hypocrisy has been around for all to see, he has received over 25000 get well messages, is that not a bit excessive. Cisse broke both his legs, can you even recall what kind of reaction there was? It was a shame and all us Liverpool fans moved on even though we are labeled with the "minutes silence" mourning mentality. This Eduardo incident is just another bad injury, which he will recover from. This is not another David Busst, So why does it seems like it?

Maybe its because of all the death threat bollocks, but I think that's been blown well out of proportion. Most of it seems to be sad internet warriors blowing off steam, and croatian fans who had a decent chance at the Euro's before this.

I seriously doubt this, yes Croation fans are pissed, but you will find that its precious Arsenal fans who have created the monster that is the anti Taylor sentiment, all starting from the great example Wenger set.....

As to Wenger pissing people off...I could care less. We constantly listen to Alex Ferguson spouting shit and its just the way it is. Besides the reason you hear more than when we're not competing is because the media is more interested in the team and has papers to sell. I don't many managers actually arrange press conferences to give their views on the footballing world.

Ferguson does not spout nearly as much shit as Wenger does, he is the master of bullshit. Yes he retracted his statement about Taylor, but why do you think he did so? It wasn't because he genuinely regretted what he said, it was because his media advisors told him to retract it or face another FA charge. He stinks of hypocrisy, literally reeks of it. The challenges by Flamini, Eduardo himself and Gallas against Man Utd in the cup were just as disgraceful as most challenges I have seen this season. What were Wenger's comments about these? Has he ever once come out to apologise for the behaviour of players such as the incredulous Eboue? Let he has the cheek to call for Taylor to be banned, if so then Eboue should be beheaded.

Oh well...that's my rant over. Personally I think the team is in the middle of probably choking, but I don't think its the team's mentality that's the problem, but not having a strong enough squad. Also Man U are just a much much better team than us at the moment. For the money we've spent (rightly or wrongly) we're not doing to bad for ourselves, and if we don't win it, which I've always doubted we will, then we've had a good season and a much better one than was predicted by everyone. And if we do win it y'all can kiss my arse!! :-)

This sounds like another "small club punching above its weight" excuse that I've been hearing for years and years. If you win it, its because you have had 5 years to nurture a group of young players forsaking any success within that time, now they are maturing. Arsenal are the only club who can afford to do that, it wasnt long ago when I heard Arsenal fans calling for Wengers head, but only now they have realised he was building something. So don't make excuses, about your squad not being strong enough because that simply isn't true. If you win it I will give respect where respect is due, but I for one hope that it doesn't happen, because I simply could not bare a summer of newly bought Arsenal shirts floating around my house. Rant Over, as you can tell I am not the biggest Arsenal fan.

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Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

To be fair man, there ain't much point getting into this much more. I'm defending my club...as we all do, and you clearly dislike Arsenal, and fair play, each to their own.

I would say that I don't think anyone at Arsenal has small club punching above their weight syndrome. If anything the majority of our fans expect a lot more than we've had the last few years. I was simply trying state a fact about the size of our squad and why its costing us. I know that its own fault and if its costs us the title then it does, and Wenger and the board have to consider that (and that doesn't mean I think Wenger should be sacked or any bollocks like that). But regardless of the reasons we don't have a big enough squad I think we've done better than expected and I don't see the point in ranting and raving about what should have been becuase we have no divine right to challenge for the title.

And a note on the whole Gallas thing, I never said that he chose to spend time with Sagna as an extension of his captaincy. From what little I know, and I appreciate its little, and obviously 10th hand, but he and Sagna are close and he was with him as a friend. So its a little much to go into it about the 'family atmosphere' at the club and forced relationships, that wasn't really the point. Again, a lot of that is shit spouted by the media, and if its true or not I'd rather have that than my team's players constantly getting pissed and roasting page 3 girls.

Man....and I said I didn't want to get into it much! Oh well. This would have been much more fun over a pint or two...

Sunil Says:

Now now ladies...let's all calm down here

Anonymous Says:

Its all kicking off.