Dwight and Andy

Monday, 10 September 2007

When you think of great partnerships you think of Torville and Dean, Zippy and Bungle, Yogi and Booboo or even Delboy and Rodney. One thing all these double acts have in common was the ability to instinctively know when to back up their partner. Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole are probably one the best strike partnerships the Premiership or even the world has ever seen.

Who can forget the telepathic link up play these two had which often translated to ball work they did off the pitch too. The goal they scored at the Nou Camp is testament to how well they knew each others “positional” play, cutting open the Barcelona defence with consummate ease. It was often quoted that they would literally test out new positions on many a lady at the same time, to help further intensify the link they both had on the pitch. Rumour has it that no one is actually sure who Harvey’s father is, as Cole and Yorke regularly played a neat 1-2 with Jordan’s fun bags. Many would say that it would take Cole five chances to score one goal, but with Yorke beside him he scored more often than not on and off the pitch. They scored over 150 goals for Man Utd, including many memorable and important efforts. They cleverly conspired to drag Man Utd into the final of the Champions League in 1999, with some brilliant play to inspire a classic United fight back.

After the dream team broke up, they were reunited at Blackburn. Many expected the same fireworks but it never happened, it was like when DX reformed, even though it was the same people there just wasn’t the magic we remember.

The duo appeared to be inexplicably drawn together as they are now both at Roy Keane’s Sunderland, though Yorke is now plying his trade in midfield. Perhaps he will again provide the ammunition for Cole to produce the goals to help the Black Cats stave off relegation.

Here is a collection of their finest moments. This video is shamelessly called “footballing brothers”. I am guessing that this it just because they are black. Outrageous. Lol

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