Is It Our Year?

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Being a Liverpool fan has been difficult in recent times, we have been befouled with a distinct lack of quality for many years, despite impressive performances in the Champions League, this cannot mask the inadequacies we have had in our squad in recent years. The Champions League was the make up that graces many a unattractive girl on the weekend, but in reality when it’s washed off, you cannot hide the blemishes. Liverpool fans have waited 17 long years for a league title, and for the most celebrated and successful team in the country that simply is not good enough. We have had to endure some torturous Premiership years, seeing our biggest rivals dominate, whilst we had to suffer the indignity of fighting for the last Champions League places. But now things are changing, Liverpool now have investment, a fantastic new stadium and a squad better than anything we have seen in the last 10 years.

Fans of other clubs will continue to provide many a reason why they think Liverpool will continue to underachieve in the league. They will say “Rafa rotates too much”, “you aren’t good away from home”, “you are a one man team” “you can’t score goals”. Years before this may have been true, but gone are the days of Bruno Cheyrou, the legend of Igor Biscan, Djimi Traore, Salif Daio, Bolo Zenden, Morientes, Dudek and Cisse. In ealier years Rafa would rotate his team and bring in ineptness, when a player like Zenden makes your Champions League final 11, you really have to question the squad you have. He may be the worst player to play on a Champions League final. Losing that final last year was a blessing in disguise. To win it would have covered up the deep rooted problems we had, but thankfully Rafa has spotted all of this and rectified all the problems we have in our squad.

The Defence

Liverpool have only conceded two goal so far this season and both of those were from penalties, one of which was highly contentious. In Finnan we have one of the most underrated players in the league, and one of the best right backs in the world. Arbeloa is a class act and has come leaps and bounds at left back this season. Carragher bleeds Liverpool red, and his passion for the club makes him a world class defender. Agger is simply a great talent, after he was taught a footballing lesson by Drogba in the first leg of the Champions League, he came back to produce a match winning performance at Anfield to control the animal that is Drogba. The likes of Traore could only dream of getting into this team, in comparison to earlier years where Djimi was our first choice left back. Comical is the word.

The midfield we have now is probably one of the best in the world, I think we have all heard the new song, but you can’t deny the quality we have right now. Monster Masch is just that, a monster. His hunger to win the ball is like a 16 yr old boy on the hunt for his first sexual experience, he is relentless and his distribution is also top notch. Alonso has not discovered the form he had in earlier years but his distribution is still impressive, but I feel it’s only a matter of time before Monster takes his starting spot. Momo was once the worst passers of the ball I have ever seen, he couldn’t pass wind, probably couldn’t even play pass the parcel, but this season he has been rejuvenated and has improved massively considering the pressure he is now under for a starting spot. He also has the honour of scoring the 7000th goal for Liverpool FC. What more needs to be said about Gerrard, simply one of the best midfielders in the world, his influence and drive will carry Liverpool very far.

Attacking options

Last season we had to deal with the likes of Zenden to provide a creative spark for our strikers, a man who couldn’t deliver a pizza let alone a good ball in the box. Harry Kewell who as talented as he is, is clearly made of wet paper and Speedy Gonzales who promised so much but literally gave nothing, and was ousted by Zenden in the starting line up, that’s similar to having your girlfriend stolen by the elephant man. This season things are different, Riise has move into midfield, Ryan Babel is a class addition and looks a real threat, Pennant is beginning to show the world how good he really can be, he has been our best player so far this season and I’m expecting him to get better. I was miffed when we signed Benayoun, but he has impressed me greatly so far, but I still miss little Luis.

Upfront things look a lot different, last season we had a misfit in the shape of Bellamy, GOD, who was brilliant but he was clearly past his prime, Kuyt who seems to be afraid of the penalty box and the legend that is Peter Crouch. We struggled for goals and lacked the real quality to compete. This season we have a porn star and El Nino. Voronin, the pony tailed genius, looks a snip at free transfer and has looked impressive so far and knows how to put the ball in the net, whilst Torres provides us with some genuine pace, skill and power upfront, something we haven’t had for a long time. Ten goals in two games suggests we won’t have trouble scoring this season, but the quality of the opposition wasn’t exactly great.

1 – "Not good away from home" – Already picked up two wins at places we would have struggled to win at last season

2 – "Rafa rotates too much" – yes he does, but he does it to keep players fresh, last season he rotated and brought in genuine crap, this season he is rotating and bringing in genuine class.

3 – "You are a one man team" – we have lost our two best players and have still produced wonderful performances, even without Stevie we have enough quality to cover his absence, losing Stevie is not a problem.

4- "Your strikers cannot score goals" – Our strikers have all scored a couple this season already which bodes well for the future, I think Torres and Voronin is a massive step up from Bellamy and Fowler.

Can we win the league this season? Yes potentially we can, and the squad progression suggest that we will go a lot closer this year. The future looks good, and I think the rest of the Premiership knows it.

5 Responses to "Is It Our Year?"

Closet Gooner Says:

Excellent article. I really think Liverpool have a good chance of winning that Premiership title this year. I think they will give Arsenal a run for their money but will ultimately come up a little bit short. Should make for an exciting title race though.

rafasnewbeard Says:

I dont think Arsenal have the squad, and an injury to Fabregas would spell the end, me thinks.

Go Balls Deep Says:

Utd scum have closed to within 2 titles of our record, but will never get near the 5 Euro Cups, so it’s all about the league. If Torres, Voronin, Kuyt & Gerrard all bag 10 – 15 a piece, along with some from Crouch and Babel we’ll score about 80 goals this season, which should be enough to win the league working on the basis that we usually only concede about 30 a season. GD of +50 should be enough to get the job done.

It’s all about winning at home against Utd & Arsenal now and then going to Arsenal, Utd & Chelski and getting at least a point.

Hopefully the demons of previous seasons where we can’t beat the poor teams away from home will be taken care of with the abundance of striking talent.

Come on you Reds – that’s the real Reds, no of that Manc Red rubbish.

Viva Rafa’s Revolution.

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

Nothing against Liverpool, but personally I'm not convinced. I think you'll be a lot closer than recent years, but I'm yet to be convinced that all those players will produce consistantly and during the hard winter months.

I wouldn't mind you winning it, but I think the drubbing of a piss poor Derby has gone to too many peoples heads. Although I don't mean in relation to the article, which was well thought out.

rafasnewbeard Says:

I agree, some fans have got a little too excited about thrashing Derby. At the same time, i think when liverpool thrash someone, people would rather question the opposition/team selection/weather etc rather than admire any quality.

Toulouse got thrashed by our B team, all we get is how crap they are, any team that is CL qualification is of a decent standard.