Prat of the Month........

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

There are a few contenders for our first award of the season, with the most notable being Rob Styles and Daniel Levy.

You don’t need me to remind you of the penalty that never was, but at the end of the day, nobody is perfect and so for the purposes of this award Mr Styles shall not be receiving an accolade for what was simply an unintentional balls up.

On the other hand, Daniel Levy’s handling of the Jolgate has been nothing short of scandalous and his antics have done nothing to quell the rumours of discontent. In fact, they have done exactly the opposite and added fuel to the fire that everyone’s favourite Dutchman shall soon be getting the boot. However, at the end of the day, Levy has actually come out and given his manager a belated show of support.

More than can be said for the dubious winner of Prat of the Month. Step forward Milan Mandaric (should that be Mad-daric?), who has come storming through the field to claim a last gasp victory.

Milan Mandaric has just sacked Martin Allen of Leicester City a mere four games into the season. In fact, Leicester have just handed out a spanking to one of the promotion favourites Watford and looked in decent shape. Also add to this the fact that Allen had been handed a large transfer kitty and made a vast amount of signings as he looked to take Leicester back the promised land and the decision to get rid of him seems even more bizarre.

Mandaric’s reasoning for the parting of ways?

"Given our respective visions for the club, it was decided that it would be in everybody's best interests if we parted company," said Mandaric.

Excuse me? Your respective visions? So what exactly did you discuss in the interview Milan? How many sugars Martin liked in his tea? Surely if you had different visions this could have been figured out at an earlier stage, rather than before you gave Allen a whole wodge of money to spunk on new players. Even if you believed Allen’s vision at the start of the season, how, after 4 games can you see that this direction has changed? YOU BLOODY CAN’T YOU PRAT!

It also appears that Martin Allen was one of the first on the scene to help out defender Clive Clarke when he recently collapsed during a cup game with Nottingham Forest. No sympathy from Milan though who promptly gave Martin the boot the week after. It was a bit like taking out a girl on Valentines day, then deciding to dump her the next day.

Why should we trust Milan’s judgment. This is coming a from a man who sacked Redknapp for the same reason as Allen then went crawling back a season later to save his team from relegation. Thankfully, Martin is more of a man than Harry and won’t be doing the same. Hopefully he will find a chairman more deserving of his talents.

Milan Mandaric, you are officially Prat of the Month.

2 Responses to "Prat of the Month........"

Mad Dog Says:

Nice choice, but I am surprised that Andy Gray wasn't in there, especially after he wrote Liverpool off at the start of the season!

Cookie Says:

not sure aboot kofi's milan mandaric award - yes, he is a prat, a despot, and all round mentalist, but martin allen has recently been dubbed 'the most disliked man in footall' by radio 5, and is now considered virtually unemployable. I witnessed his touchline antics 3 times last season vs MK dons and he virtually had fans trying to get at him in all three games (even his own). the bloke's a massive w@nker. still, guess that makes mandaric an even bigger weapon for employing him in the first place, so well done Kofi I guess !!! just worried about martin allen being made out as some kind of life saving saint, coz he's not, he's a horrible little tw@t.