The "A" Team

Friday, 4 January 2008

I know there are many people out there clamouring for me to unload a fully loaded clip of dispair on my beloved Liverpool FC but at this moment i still cant bring myself to unravel the embarrassment of seeing Titus deliver the knockout blow to yet another title campaign. I'd rather talk about some other more interesting aspects of the somewhat painful but still beautiful game.

So upon looking at various football matches across the country, we have witnessed these funny celebrations in which the player creates an "A" with his hand. I think the first person i saw do it was Andy Johnson, so naturally i thought he was doing it to symbolise his name. No mystery there then. Next week a few more players started doing it, from Marcus Bent to another players whose name i just cant bring myself to say anymore. So I'm thinking what the hell is this all about then, does this "A" represent a girl they all roasted, and they decided to pay homage to her? Or did it represent the grade they got for passing their GCSEs at the 15th time of asking?

After doing a bit of super duper journalism and interviews, I found the answer. To my horror the "A" actually represents something good for the world of football. It represents a charity started by Andy Johnson and "One Size" Fitz Hall which is trying to restore the good name of footballers that has been tainted by so many, most notably Joey Barton in recent times. The charity aims to help underprivileged children by showing them that there are role models who don't glamourise guns and drugs, and they can achieve anything they want if they put their minds to it. I think this is a really great idea, and all my respect goes out to all the footballers involved in the project. The website is http://astar-global.com/index.htm be sure to check it out and support it.

Who would have thought that footballers would have been smart enough to think up a marketing campaign for the charity. I could imagine them discussing it, and saying when they scored they would do the celebration, with Titus Bramble nodding his head in agreement, and then everyone stopping and laughing at him knowing he would probably never score another goal in his career. well, looks like the jokes on them and me.

3 Responses to "The "A" Team"

you got merked Says:

Titus for England I say

Anonymous Says:

Titus should be banned from football.

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

That's a bit harsh....did you see his finish?!? If that had been Stevie 'Hollywood Balls are Great' G then everyone would have been creaming over how calm and collected it was.