F.A. Cup Ups & Downs.....

Monday, 7 January 2008

Going Up
The lower league teams and the Magic of the cup....

Well well well, who would have thought it. Many may say that the premiership teams have not taken the cup seriously this season, but regardless of this fact, it is undeniable that the minnows have outperformed the overpayed prima donnas. The list of premiership casualties is as long as ever with Everton, Birmingham, Bolton & Blackburn all crashing out horribly, with Newcastle, Derby, Fulham and Liverpool surviving literally by the skin of their teeth. Also special mention has to go to Burnley who gave the premier league leaders arsenal a real scare, and if they had realised they had to put the ball in between the posts and not over them, then maybe just maybe they could have pulled off a shock result.


Probably the only time you would celebrate a draw more than you would a win. Many would begrudge Liverpool for not donating their share of the proceeds from the game, but seriously why should they? Fair play to Luton though, they got the result they deserved, and it was interesting to see a group of players who had not been paid for 9 weeks compete and literally outplay a team with players who earn millions a year. The money they will get from the replay will be some reward, but sadly this club may still cease to exist before the replay is even played.

Man Utd, Villa Park & Rooney

Man Utd cruised through to the next round thanks to a superb cameo appearance from the boy who makes you wonder, rather than the boy wonder Wayne Rooney at United's second home, Villa park. Will Villa ever have their way against the boys from Manchester? Which man would let someone come into his home and rape and pillage his belongings? Well the boys from Villa park lay down and take it everytime when Ferguson comes to town. Grow some balls guys.


They may no longer be the richest club in the world, but atleast they defeated the newly crowned richest club in the world.

Fat Sam
Almost, almost out of a job, but somehow he his hanging on.


When he was coming on for Stoke against Newcastle, I said to myself, what the hell is this monster coming on, he is easily the fattest footballer I have ever seen. No need to ask who ate all the pies, it was clearly him and he ate all the deserts too. But he came on and completely changed the game, and almost won it for Stoke at the end. Feed him Feed him so he doesn't get hungry.

Going Down

Liverpool & Dirk Kuyt

Words cannot describe how bad Dirk Kuyt was at the weekend, he simply is not a footballer and thats the conclusion i have come to. Throw a ball for a dog and you will get a similar performance. Awful. The entire Liverpool team were not much better, with a display so bad it reminded me of the days when Houllier was turning corners. Absolutely disgraceful.

Lower League Finishing

Yes, they may be footballers of lower quality, but surely they must all be aware of where the goal is. Some of the finishing that i observed over the weekend, was some of the worst i have ever seen. Most notably at Burnley, Luton and Stoke, they should all be hanged for crimes against football. They probably couldn't finish a sentence or even a wank. Terrible.

The Premiership

They get paid so much more than their lower league compatriots, but that difference in pay did not represent a difference in class on the pitch. Unfortunately Derby's performance in the premiership suggests that their is this disparity for good reason.

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