Kevin Nolan Loves You

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Perhaps I am bit naive here, but I for one have actually had no idea what Kevin Nolan's goal celebration was about until it was very recently brought to my attention. I originally thought that it was some sort of homage to metal rockers but it actually turns out that the hand gesture means "I love you" in sign language. Who or what exactly he loves, I have no idea, but I am pretty sure that its not playing football for Bolton that gets his juices flowing. So there you go, an extra bit of useless information for you next time you go to a pub quiz.


6 Responses to "Kevin Nolan Loves You"

Soccer Poster Says:

It does? I thought you crossed your chest to say I love you?

Sunil Says:

Apparently he some Americans doing it in a club so maybe its an American thing...

per head service Says:

It is impressive that some players have some meaning in their celebration that it makes things interesting.

Anonymous Says:

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