One down, One to go!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Big Sam is gone, Benitez to go! I sat in the living room of 'ranting Isaac' at the start of the season. Before i continue, let me give you the websters definition of the word season: "A period of the year marked by special events or activities in some field". With that in mind, the first day of a football season is a time marked with overwhelming positivity and optimissim by football fans across the land. We are all equal on the start of that day.

With those positive words ringing in my ears, I then uttered to 'ranting Isaac', Kofi, Namdi and anyone else who cared to listen to me: "£10 Benitez will not be manager of Liverpool by the start of next season!"

Those words were met with a scorching glance from 'ranting Isaac', and a dismissive snigger from Kofi. I now truly believe that with all things football, my "football 'pundit' boys" tune out when I pipe up! Those uttered words, has made me a leper!

However...we are in January and the departure of Benitez seems as certain as Britney spears' next beaver outing/public cry for help! It is that certain that i'd be surprised if the bookies are even taking bets on it!

Why so, I hear some of you say? Lets examine some facts: He tinkers far too much and often to the detriment of the team; He has become increasingly single-minded in his approach, which in moderation is good for a manager, however it has started to isolate him from his coaching staff and resulted in the departure of Pako Ayesteran, a severance of an 11 year working relationship!

Don't get me wrong, Benitez has a proven pedigree and there is no doubting his credentials. He lead Valencia to a league and UEFA Cup double, overcoming the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona in 2003/04 season. It is some achievement especially as it was Valencia's second La Liga title in three years under Benitez.

Conversely though, there is no doubt that Liverpool is working progress and we are not gonna get it right straight away, no matter the manager. But we can all agree that Benitez does not help himself with his decisions.

Benitez has had money, but he has bought badly with it. For a man who loves to rotate, he hasn't invested in a quality squad. Only Reina, Torres, and Alonso can be regarded as quality signings by Rafa. So my opinion is why give him more to throw away?

The Americans haven't helped either, they do not have the deep pockets as the pomp and glamour of their arrival indicated. How embarrassing now that after prematurely going public on our radical stadium plans, they are now struggling to refinance the loan and its spiralling costs and can't even spare the cash to secure Mascherano's services! Either they're tight fisted or the dollar to pound exchange is encroaching their nether regions and without bringing the KY! (I bet they use both sides of the toilet paper as well!)

Benitez is regularly linked with his home town club Real, yet he consistently reaffirms his love of the club and desire to stay. Lets face it Rafa, you want to stay because deep down you know, like in Valencia, you wouldn't have full control in Real Madrid, even though it is his home club. How d'you like those apples!

I expect an apology boys and a re-initiation into our football circle when the inevitable happens.

Your boy Diamond D

3 Responses to "One down, One to go!"

rafasnewbeard Says:

I think Rafa has made a few more quality signings, I think Babel will get there, Aurelio and arbeloa are def good players and how can we forget the amazing Mascherano who would not be there if it wasn't for Rafa. Im still undecided about Rafa position at the moment.

the special one Says:

Rafa is a clown

Every game he says "we control the game, we create chances".

Enough nonsense Rafa, admit that you havent got to grips with the Premiership, your rotation doesnt work and you will only ever succeed in Europe.

You do not have the nouse to win the Premiership League.


red till i die Says:

As we all liverpool supporters here, we natrually want the best for the team.

Start with the facts, we have not won the premiership since its conception. Are we close, no. if we leave rafa alone he can build a team. Last season he needed a striker to bury those o so many chances we were creating. The answer to that problem, torres. The next aquisition for an unstable midfield, mash, another world class player. He knows what he needs for the team, given the backing he has a habit of getting it right recently, before u so say anything, vorinin was free!

Rafa is far from perfect but he needs time, Rome was not built in a day. He has been there 4 yrs resulting in,1 champions league title, another appearance in the final and a few other trophies.

He tinkers too much. Its fustrating as hell, especially when you consider the squad at our disposal. It has a negative effect on the players. But some might say, if you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen. Torres was rotated like hell when he first turned up, but he turned it around and now he is the first on the team sheet, If you prove Rafa wrong he loves it.

As for the guy who left after 11 yrs, he went for a job without consulting Rafa, big disrepect.

If Rafa went I think you could say goodbye within 1 yr to the whole spanish contingent, Mash and even Stevie, he wants to win things and at his age he can't wait another3 yrs for another manager to get it right.

The problem lies with the owners. They have no idea how to run a football club and how the media operates, they play straight into their hands. The way the club is financed is a joke.

Who is the alternative: Jose, great personality, but seriously boring football, Guus, he won't leave the russian mafia. No other big names out there, Lippi, Cuper etc,they just don't cut the mustard. Certainly no other manager from the prem.

It hurts to say this, but look at Arsenal, a club not tranformed over night, but over a period of time. From boring 1 nil, to, at times, some of the most exciting football on the planet. All because the manager had a vision and he was backed to the hill.

Lets buck the trend and back our team, god only knows its hard, but when we see Stevie lifting that trophy, my lord, that will be the sweetest feeling ever.

Just have faith