Is this football?

Monday, 12 November 2007

The Gooners strolled to victory against a hapless Reading at the Madejski Stadium. The words Men Against Boys would be a severe understatement.

Remember those days when you use to have games lessons at school and you would have attack against defence? Let me recap. You would play in one half of the pitch. The aim of the attacking side was to score obviously. The aim of the defence? To get the ball over the halfway line, even it if meant just a big hoof.

Well last night's game reminded me of that. Reading had no interest in trying to attack Arsenal whatsoever.. as long as they could stop Arsenal scoring and boot the ball over the halfway line they were content. I have a lot of time for Steve Coppell and after they got mullered last year I can half understand his tactics. But this performance was an absolute embarrassment. To play one up front at home and try to scrape a goal-less draw or dirty set piece is not good for the game in my opinion.

What made it more annoying was the fact that Arsenal strolled to a 2-0 lead and after this the tactics remained the same from Reading. Some of their poor fans were sitting in the freezing cold having paid 30 quid to see their team not even attempt to play football. It wouldn't be so bad but Reading are a decent side, they aren't a Derby like team. It's a sad day when teams are more concerned about goal difference than actually trying to compete against the big sides.

I am not sure that Reading ever got within 10 yards of an Arsenal player and made about 2 tackles all game. Next time guys, can you try and break a sweat please. You get paid more in a week then most fans do all year. If all you are gonna do is run around, then I am sure most supporters would happily manage to do that for you instead. At one point I thought the Arsenal team were going to start doing kick ups on the halfway line which could well lead to a South American style football riot. Alas, that didn't happen. Maybe next time......


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