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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Just when you thought the roasting was over, another story pops up and shocks us all once again. This time it involves a team from our lovely hosts for Euro 2008 called FC Thun. FC Thun first appeared in the spotlight when they famously qualified for the group stages of the Champions League in 2005. This time their claim to fame is far less glamorous and quite simply wrong.

Here is the story in full.

Six players from Swiss first division football side FC Thun face legal charges over allegations of having sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl.

In total, 14 people face charges, authorities in the canton of Bern said. The other eight are either former Thun players, or other people linked to either some of the players, or the girl herself.

"The majority of the people concerned have acknowledged committing acts of a sexual nature with the young girl," the authorities said in a statement.

The charges come after Swiss police last week arrested 21 men over the affair, which has caused uproar in the national media.

Sex with someone under 16 years of age is punishable under Swiss law when the other person or persons involved are more than three years older.

Fourteen men with a 15 yr old, that's just wrong, so so wrong. Apparently a few of the players were unsure as to whether to have relations with the girl due to her age, but the senior players soon removed any doubt by apparently saying

"If they are old enough to bleed they are old enough to breed."

and "if they are old enough to crawl they are in the right position"

Obviously that was a joke, but it is hard to imagine exactly what was going through these people's minds. I have seen less shocking things on fictional programme's such as Footballers' Wives. Examples include a baby being suffocated by a dog sitting on it, a mother bleaching her asian baby's skin to make it white, and roastings in the resort of "La Panga" but this FC Thun episode appears to surpass all of these.

I mean , fourteen people to one girl, what was going on there? Is that in case someone pulled out with injury? Was there really any need for a substitutes appearance from the squad players? Imagine if you had 14 players all trying to take a penalty at once..surely everyone would just get in the way of each other? If you are gonna do something as wrong as bang a 15 year old girl, then don't ask all your mates to come and join in. Thats just plain stupid, but thats what you would expect of footballers I suppose and I think its fair to say that the FC Thun players must have less intelligence than an amoeba.

Stay tuned for more Roast Watch coming soon........

2 Responses to "***Roast Watch***"

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

Wow....was she fit though?

score Says:

it's hard to tell these days how old they are. did she grass them up afterwards? "P C World, you'll never guess what but I just have 14 players banging me and I'm under age!"
as Carlos said, was she fit? Do we have any foto evidence?