My Football Club.....

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A while back I was pondering a crazy idea, an innovative idea which would ultimately change the face of football as we know it. I thought to myself, what would happen if I got a whole bunch of people to put some money together and buy a football club, take control of it, buy players and pick the teams. Spookily enough months later some guy sets up an interesting website doing the exact same thing.

Myfootballclub.com is a website which invited 23,000 people to pay £35 for a piece of a football club. The lucky or not so lucky club is Ebbsfleet united. This is a fun idiea but lets be honest its also a logistical nightmare. Could you imagine sharing the same wife with 100 other men, sounds messy doesn't it? There are a lot of clear issues I have with this type of site.

Why would a manager want 23,000 people undermining his team selection? The manger knows more about the players than the collective will(sound like something out of star trek). I'm guessing most of the "owners" will be using football manager and wikipedia to figure out the who the hell is playing for them. Sounds like something out of the Sven book of management. How will they actually get to watch the games, its not like Ebbsfleet will be televised on Skysports, apparently only 75 of these randoms attended the match against Oxford. On the plus side this has generated a lot of positive publicity for a club that would have usually gone unnoticed. they now have world wide recognition, and this will clearly lead to increased investment and sponsorship. On the flip side for the club, they have to keep 23,00 people happy. If I had to take 23,000 girls on a date, I could probably, only just about keep them all happy, but many other men would struggle. :- )

I think its fun idea, and probably a bit of a dangerous one for the club, but im guessing money talks as always. Do you think I could get 100,000 people to come together to buy Man Utd? I would stipulate that only liverpool and arsenal fans could be involved. We would then sell Wayne Rooney for 1 million to Wigan in exchange for Titus Bramble. Ferguson would be sacked and replaced with Graeme Souness and finally Old Trafford would be sold and we would relocate to a ground share with MK Dons, sounds like a complete recipe for success.

Whose up for it?

4 Responses to "My Football Club....."

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

I like your idea....where do I hand over my £100??

rafasnewbeard Says:

lets do it, and bring man utd to a halt. I want a piece of this, football manager is getting a bit boring.

Kofi Says:

I will duly supply my bank account details and sort code for anyone interested. :- )

Muliya Says:

People should read this.