Worst Miss Ever.....

Monday, 19 November 2007

The vote for the worst miss ever was tighter than a ducks arse but the results are in. Before we look at the not so worthy winner, I would like you to draw all your attention to the video clip below. I personally think that this is the worst miss ever, but because I couldn't figure out who this clown was, I didn't include it in the vote.

The reason I think it's the worst miss ever is because the ball was going in anyway before the idiot decided to try and slam the ball home in emphatic fashion. He could of run off celebrating instead whilst the ball crossed the line. Just goes to show how stupid footballers are really.

Anyway, back to the vote and in the runners up position was Ronny Rosenthal. Israelis are a hot topic at the moment, with Avram Grant taking over at Chelski, Yossi Bennayoun running riot in Europe and the nation themselves making sure that Steve McClaren is still alive come the game against Croatia. Rocket Ronnie was a pony tailed attacking midfielder during the early nineties. His career was fairly conspicuous but he will forever be remembered for this howler against Aston Villa, where after rounding the keeper, he slammed the ball against the cross bar with the goal at his mercy. The only thing I can think that happened is that that the guy behind him shouted "you pony tailed wanker" or something to that effect.

The winner of the vote for worst miss ever is Diego Forlan, one of the biggest flops in Premiership history. To be fair to Fergie the writing was on the wall fairly early on as this miss took place on Forlan's first pre-season tour with the Red Devils. A mere 3 yards from goal, and no one near him, Forlan skewed his shot so badly that it only just about managed to ripple the side netting. Rather than announcing his arrival at United by scoring and doing a Ravanelli celebration, Forlan instead had to bury his head in his shirt in shame. The commentators duly agreed as displayed by the hilarious commentary. I suppose I could sum it up by saying that Forlan couldn't finish his dinner..couldn't score in a brothel....etc etc, but instead I prefer to say that Diego Forlan...YOU ARE SHITE.

Diego Forlan..hang your head in shame....you had the Worst Miss Ever....


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