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Thursday, 22 November 2007

I have a few things on my mind after last nights circus act. England tumbled out of Euro 2008 after quite possibly the worst performance I have seen from an apparently "world class" team. McClaren will surely take most of the flack and rightly so, he made some of the worst decisions since someone decided to give Michele McManus a record deal.

Firstly, why play Carson in goal and leave him in the firing line? Robinson was a dead man walking, it could only go uphill for him, so it would have been fine to leave him in the team, another mistake would have been expected. Instead he included a 22 year old, and has potentially ended his England career already.

That stupid umbrella, what was he thinking? Why wasn't he out there firing up his team? Any manager with a bit of passion would have been out there in his shirt, with his sleeves rolled up, screaming from the touchline, instead McClaren wanted to avoid another trip to Vidal Sassoon.

How stupid are the FA? Probably one of the worst run organisations in the history of the world, probably worse than Enron. Knowing full well you're hiring a man with the credentials of a 2 year old child, you somehow fail to write a clause in the contract that says if he fails to qualify he is sacked. Instead McClaren walks away with 2.5million pounds for doing absolutely nothing, and embarrassing the nation. Disgraceful, why not just go out and burn money wearing a thong in the streets of London? Just as embarrassing and just as much money would be wasted.

Hearing England fans say they really should have beaten these teams easily. Really? At what point did England become world beaters? They haven't won a trophy since TVs were black and white. Croatia were miles miles better than England. Olic, Modric and Kranjcar to name a few, were making a mockery of the England midfield, packed with all those "world class" players. Modric, who isn't even at a big European club had Gerrard, Lampard and Barry getting a mortgage in his pocket, but of course England should have blown away the opposition like they always do Image and video hosting by TinyPic sigh.

Now on to the English players, the basic aspects of football are to score goals and to pass the ball to each other. Imagine a professional dancer with no rhythm, now you can picture how bad England were. Its totally unforgivable when your so called "world class" players can't do something as simple as pass the ball to each other. Regardless of all the blame placed on McClaren, you cant deny how awful the players were.

Here are my player ratings,

Carson - "Body behind ball", simple really. England career probably over already. Utter nightmare. That reflex save wont save his career - 4

Richards - There were points when I wondered if there was actually an English right back on the pitch. Krankjar was all over him. - 5

Campbell - Although he is bereft of any of the normal footballing skills, like control and touch, he did get himself in the way a few times. -5

Lescott - Hoof, Hoof , Hoof. Awful hair cut, minus 1 point. - 4

Bridge - Awful, easily the worst player on the pitch. With the positioning of a blind man, drunk on whiskey, wearing roller skates. - 1

Barry - Lost the ball too much, and forgot how to deliver a decent set piece. - 4

Gerrard - Easily his worst ever performance. Couldn't pass wind, couldn't motivate the team, couldn't do anything apart from run around a lot. - 2

Lampard - He came on as substitute to score the penalty...Oh wait. Anonymous, but somehow he still managed to get man of the match. Bizarre - 4

SWP - Did some good work, but he can't deliver anything, not even a pizza. He isn't exactly a goalscorer and doesn't track back enough. Bentley and Pennant are much better in my opinion. -5

Joe Cole - Completely and utterly frustrating, if he is England's most skillful player, then English football is in a complete and utter crisis. Get up off the floor Joe. 5

Crouch - Easily the best player, great goal and all round play. This man is a legend, hold your head up high Peter, not that he needs any help with that. - 8

Subs - Beckham - Parcelforce did what he does best, sadly he might not reach a 100 caps. Legend- 7

Bent- Unlucky - 5

Defoe - Won a penalty - 5

In reflection this is the kick up the arse, English football needs. From grass roots upwards a complete overhaul is needed. What really summed it up was seeing a David Beckham advert for his new fragrance when I switched the channel at half time, says it all really.

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is this betting Says:

Well said. Don't believe that the players are that bothered. A summer off and the trophy wives will love it.

No, hold on. Would anyone really want to spend all summer with a professional footballer?