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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Another week goes by and another footballing scandal is splashed against the tabloids. I am wondering if we should just re-name this website www.roasting.com rather than On The Bench.

The latest player to be caught with his pants down is Aston Villa speedster Ashley Young. The former Watford winger has decided to perform his own webcam strip show to a young lady he had recently met. A bit like Dirty Den a few years ago I suppose


I won't go over the specifics too much but the most hilarious part of the story is that Young pretended during this sorry episode that his name was Lewis, who he named after his bum chum Lewis Hamilton. I wonder how Mr Hamilton will feel about that

Young is also apparently in a serious relationship (at the time of writing anyway) which makes the thing even more amusing.

When will these guys ever learn......


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Hostpph.com Says:

He should be aware that it could be filter out to the web. I don't know how they can think about it.