The Baby Faced Assassin...

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The baby faced assassin has hung up his boots and decided to retire from the game. As a Liverpool fan it’s hard to provide a tribute to one of our greatest enemies and rivals’ best ever players but you have to give respect where respect is due. Solskjaer will always be remembered for the “divine intervention” moment were he scored in the final seconds of the Champions League Final, some may say his career actually ended that year, because injuries have cursed him ever since and that has ultimately brought his career to an end.

He joined Man Utd in 1996 for a measly fee of £1.5m, scoring 126 goals in 366 appearances. You might say that isn’t the greatest strike rate, but Solskjaer is officially the greatest ever substitute. That said, I think he deserves to be remembered as someone more important and influential than that, often coming off the bench to score some of the most priceless goals in the history of the Premiership. I remember his cameo against Liverpool in the 1999 FA Cup, coming off the bench to score another last minute winner. In the era of players throwing hissy fits, it’s always good to see someone who had the respect for his team and manager to wait on the bench and wait for his chance, and he always seemed to make that impact when he did. He even played on the wing in David Beckham’s absence, and many wondered how Becks would get his place back. Many people will remember the man who came off the bench against Nottingham Forest scored 4 goals in the last 12 minutes to help Man Utd 8-1, simply undeniable brilliance. The man was better on the bench than a 16 yr old drunken chav called Tracy. Lets all hail the man who was the inspiration behind great phrases such as “The Late Rhost” and the “Last minute heart breaker”. The Premiership will miss Ole, but I’m sure fans of the clubs whose hearts he broke will certainly not.

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Ehi Says:

A perfect summation of a great player, need we say more. Hopefully he'll work his magic as a coach.

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