Community Shield Preview - Sunday 5th August. 3pm Kick Off.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Last year's Premiership champions take on the 2007 F.A. Cup winner, in what should be an entertaining appetiser to the upcoming season. Many may regard the shield as a minor trophy; im sure we all remember Roy Keane's grimace when he lifted the trophy in 2003. Winning it could be likened to getting your first grope in the school yard, its nice but ultimately you're looking for something more fulfilling. Regardless of this fact, you can't underplay the rivalry between these two great managers. Even through the bottle of wine they may share, success will always outweigh the unorthodox friendship they have. Man Utd will want to gain revenge for their F.A. Cup defeat, and Chelsea will want to remind the world that their dominance of English football is far from over.

The Community Shield is always a great chance to mull over new signings, and get far too optimistic about the season ahead. Who can forget Shevchenko's classy equaliser in last season's Community Shield(which was the winner according to the London Paper, truly shocking journalism), which made many a Chelsea fan feel like 30 million pounds was money well spent. This year we probably wont be seeing Anderson and Hargreaves, but I'm looking forward to seeing how Nani, Malouda and Sidwell fit into their respective teams.

The new, improved, apparently calmer and less confrontational Mourinho, has already been up to his old antics by appyling some early pressure on his closest rivals. He has cleverly placed the "big spender" tags on Liverpool and Man Utd, alleviating the pressure on his team this season, regardless of the amount he has spent in the last few seasons. Chelsea's spending this season has resembled a trip to Oxfam; picking up Sidwell, Pizzaro, Ben Haim and eventually Alex for less than a pound. A far cry from the days when they were spending £200 million(the equivalent of Liberia's G.D.P) in the close season.

So the pressure is well and truly on Man Utd, they are the champions and they have spent enough money to feed a small country 5 times over. Ferguson is a man who thrives on pressure, after 20 years in the game, surely he's far to experienced to crack?

My Prediction.

Chelsea to win 2-1.

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TevezIsGod Says:

Hi guys, good work so far, very entertaining and informative. I think Man u will win the title, because we have a better squad. just you wait and see.