Spurs Get Tuesday Blues.....

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Spurs 1 Everton 3

What can I say about Spurs? Total and utter shambles, though to be fair to them they hav
e been very unlucky with injuries. But you seriously have to question Martin Jol’s purchases in the transfer market. Everton were by far the superior side, and surely with the aging midfield they have you would have thought that Spurs could make an impact, but clearly they could not. Now imagine a glamour model, for the glamour model to succeed she needs to be well rounded in all areas, so she spends money on a stomach tuck and a nose job, but unfortunately she won’t be successful because she has a flat chest. There you have it, Spurs have a flat chest, and with the likes of Jenas in there you might as well call it concave. Jenas and Zakora were totally outclassed by Arteta, who is fast becoming one of the best players in the Premiership.

Darren Bent did not impress on his home debut, but he got the kind of service you would expect from an Indian call centre, and he can’t expect it to get much better until key players return from injury and Spurs buy some quality midfielders. Everton looked very solid, and will be expected to push the top four until the end of the season, with Arteta and Osman looking particularly classy. Jol needs to buy some decent midfielders, or expect to be to be in serious trouble this season.

2 Responses to "Spurs Get Tuesday Blues....."

Anonymous Says:

Spot on analysis. Spurs are really looking like they miss Carrick now. They sold him for £18m and have since bought a striker they don't need for the same price.

I wouldn't trust Martin Jol as far as I could throw him..if I could actually pick up a man of that size that is

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

Hahahaha....Spurs make me laugh