I Love Dirk Kuyt....

Thursday, 20 December 2007

After the unfortunate events of Grand Slam Sunday, I then received this email from a mate of mine who supports Man Utd, have a read for yourself, it was aptly titled "I Love Dirk Kuyt".

"He epitomises everything about why your pathetic club won't win the title. Oh how I laughed every time he miscontrolled the ball....but don't worry, you've got Alonso coming back! Shudder!

Pathetic, utterly pathetic Kofi. Your big man bravado has yet again blown up in your face as your insignificant little club is out the title race before Xmas yet again - now it feels like Xmas..
I just love heading for our annual 3 points at Anfield where Fergie proves he's the master to Benitez's totally inept tactics...Oh we beat Marseilles to finish second in the easiest group in the Champions league, we're the greatest side on earth. F*cking laughable.

Now please, please take your Stevie "I go missing in every game against Man United" Gerrard and Fernando "I'm learning the Liverpool way about choking against Man United" Torres and f*ck off back to fight for third. You have an insignificant club who's only aspirations are to fluke yet another cup victory on penalties. Leave winning titles to the big boys.

Oh, and you Chelsea, you are not out of it yet, but that defeat makes it very, very tough. I know you're missing players, but you're gonna be missing a whole lot more in Jan...."

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Anonymous Says:

Just another up themselves Man U supporter!!

Anonymous Says:

truth hurts huh?