Random musings from the past week...

Saturday, 22 December 2007

1- Is Capello the right man for the job, yes he has the credentials and all the awards McCalren could only dream of, but can even a man of his incredible abilities rescue English Football? He is definitely one of the best candidates out there and will certainly improve the England team 1000 fold, but seriously how difficult is that after having one of the worse managers in the history of football and not even Capello will be able to teach the team to pass. Capello will certainly need to learn a few select English phrases such as : -

"Frank put the pizzas down"
"Catch it Paul, Catch It"
"Seriously, Why cant you clowns pass a football"
"Stevie, this is not Hollywood"

2 - After Seeing yesterdays performances by Momo Sissoko and Voronin, I think we can officially close the cult fan clubs they had when the arrived. Don't let the door hit you on the way out lads.

3 - Who are worse the English Football Team or the English Cricket Team?

4 - Have Spurs really turned the corner, or will they get perpetually owned by Arsenal when they get raped in the London derby on Saturday(how inevitable is this) and then knocked out of their only real chance of silverware when they take on Arsenal's "kids" at the emirates.

5- This Arsenal's "kids" nonsense, its bollocks really isn't it? Every team has young players, who play in the Carling cup.

6 - Was anyone else happy to see Crouch's simply hilarious attempt at trying to end Mikel's career? I would never have expected that from him.

7 - Shevchenko scored!! Does this mean he has finally found his level?

8 - How did Leon win the X-Factor?

9 - What the hell were the Man Utd players thinking? So basically they organised a bash, invited as many random girls as they probably could, and provided them with enough alcohol to ensure that they forget the evenings festivities. Whose idea was it? Well, apparently Rio was behind the whole debacle which has left Sir Alex absolutely fuming, maybe he was angry because he wasn't invited. Sounded like an an absolute roast fest.

10 - How predictable was seeing the ultimate whinger Lawrie Sanchez leave Fulham? How did he expect to do well after spending all of his money on decent championship players?

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