Men In Tights, Theatrics, Grand Slams And Wrestlemania.......

Friday, 14 December 2007

I remember my school days, I was and sadly still am sometimes a big wrestling fan. From the Royal Rumble to Summerslam, I was constantly enthralled by seeing some of the biggest names in sports entertainment, touch, rub and caress each other(eewwww) . It was always Wrestlemania which I had a soft spot for, it usually fell on or near my birthday and the hype surrounding it was ridiculous. The build up for Wrestlemania would often begin a year in advance, just as the curtain had fallen on the last one. From the video montages, to the trash talking to the crazy insane fans speculating what might happen, Wrestlemania was one of those events that you felt you simply couldn't miss, purely because of the out of control marketing campaign and I have to say I literally lapped it up.

So how does this relate to football you might ask? Well, on Sunday we have another one of those grand slam events, with a hype machine almost as ridiculous as what you see in wrestling week in week out. Apparently the fixture list is generated in a totally random way, but I'm not so sure, how is it possible that the big four play each other on the same day for the second season in a row? Either way Super Duper Annihilation Judgment Grand slam Sunday will be as important as ever, the games probably wont live up to expectations, but the ramifications for the title race are clear for all to see. A win for Liverpool and Chlesea is probably a win for the premiership, whilst a win for Arsenal or Man Utd could see the the premiership leaning towards a 2 horse race.

We wont see any men in tights on Sunday or the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, but expect all the razzmatazz of a Rock vs Stone Cold extravaganza, with all the similar theatrics provided by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo or Joe Cole. Make the most of it people , because you probably wont witness another one soon(note the sarcasm). Who would have thought that Wrestling had so many similarities to a footballing weekend involving the top four.

2 Responses to "Men In Tights, Theatrics, Grand Slams And Wrestlemania......."

TIET Says:

you can't really mention wrestling on football blog without this, can you?:


here's to hoping eboue slaps a bitch again this weekend!

Kofi Says:

lol, I actually miss Jose. Avram isnt in his league, and would never be a big enough legend to be on raw or smackdown.