Worst Diver In The Premiership

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Diving is a hot topic almost every week in the Premiership, none more so though when Cristiano Ronaldo was booked by Rob Styles after tumbling over Niemi's challenge at Old Trafford on Monday Night. There is no doubt in my mind that Ronaldo's reputation counted against him when Styles made his decision and if that is the case then perhaps there was some form of justice.

Diving is an increasingly technical art form. Who can forget Robert Pires a couple of years ago against Pompey when he managed to get penalty by kicking an opposition defender. Fast forward to today and there are number of players who are normally at the centre of any simulation scandal in today's game.

We have Steven Gerrard, though who maybe a brilliant footballer, can also be a prat of the highest order at times. Although he rarely dives on the floor without contact, he often will get a referee to give a free kick just by looking at him and imploring that he was indeed fouled. He also appears to have a way with words as proved when his spiel managed to convince Mark Clattenburg to send off Tony Hibbert when he was initially going to just book him.

Joe Cole at Chelski always seems to pretend that he has been shot in the back when ever he receives the slightest bit of contact. Either that, or he rolls around like a pregnant woman who has just had a nasty fall.

However, these boys came nowhere near to winning last week's vote which has seen Didier Drogba crowned as the worst diver in the Premiership.

As shown above, Didier is not the only person who makes meals of challenges, but the thing that gets on people's tits is that he is built like a brick shithouse yet screams like a girl if anyone makes the slightest bit of contact. If he was a little fucker then it would probably seem a bit more realistic but when you are arguably the biggest bully in the Premiership then it is hard to take.

The way the horse faced one tumbles to the ground at times is a disgrace and its as if a sniper is at pitch side. To be fair to Drogfather, he has admitted in a TV interview that he is in fact a cheat

"Sometimes I dive, sometimes I stand."

Drogba quickly backtracked on this statement, saying that it got confused in translation, but I think we all know he was telling the truth. Here is an example of the Ivorian's scandalous behaviour as shown last year against Liverpool.

Didier Drogba...you are officially the worst diver in the Premiership.


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