Ref Justice, Broken Fetlock and Mr Potato Head.........

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Well....how about that then, that feeling in my gut that the Toon would get a point wasn’t just the previous night’s Chinese.

The game itself wasn’t the most entertaining...although I did miss the opening 25 minutes due to being at a Christmas dinner. AdebayCAN SCORE, opened it up with a beautiful goal, but after that, the lack of Arsenal chances was quite out of character...that’ll be the lack of creativity I predicted then.

Newcastle for their part played as I expected, like their manager’s job depended on it. Maybe that statement they made was sincere. However, as with the honeymoon period that follows a new manager being in put place, I think they’ll be back to their usual ways within a couple of games.

Overall though, Newcastle deserved their point, and I don’t think Arsenal fans will be overly disappointed with a point in the arse end of nowhere on a cold December night. It’ll be interesting to see how they get on now against Boro on Sunday, the same players will be missing and whilst Boro have been pants this year, this will be a chance to raise their game and prove their not a bunch of wasters.

A mention for Mike Dean as well, what an absolute waste of space that man is. Twice in the final 5 minutes, Adebayor was threatening to break away from whatever rubbish defender was tracking him, and was twice bundled over quite clearly. Yet the useless wanker didn’t give a thing....joker.

Elsewhere on planet football, the Toffees got a late winner against the new Russian champions, and secured qualification to the last 32 of the UEFA Cup....but does anyone really care though. Maybe only if you had Arteta in your fantasy team and had to watch him miss a penalty.
On-the-Bench’s newly crowned worst diver (or should that be best?), Didier Drogba’s could be ruled out until February with a knee injury. Good news for the rest of the chasing pack, because as much as I hate the ugly cunt, he seems to bring a lot to the team. I’m sure Phillipe Senderos will be having much sweeter dreams knowing that there’s no chance he’ll have to face him next week. It’ll be interesting to see who replaces him up front, because the Chavs always seem a little light up front beyond the big man, Kalou and Shevchenko don’t quite pose the same threat, and is Pizarro even still alive?

The England manager search rumbles on, with Brian Barwick (or Mr Potato Head as he was compared to in one of those crap free London newspapers), trying desperately to find someone willing to take the job. The reports today are that his ‘short’list is Maureen, Cappello, Klinsmann (surely it would be suicide to appoint a German, personally I don’t give a flying fuck, but the xenophobia in the papers would be alarming...we’ve seen it before!), Lippi and O’Neill. Not a bad bunch really, but who seriously thinks he’ll get any of them. Barwick just doesn’t seem to have the personality to convince some of those greats to give up their life, and private life, for a cause they won’t exactly bleed for. We all know money talks, but imagine having that fuckwit as your potential boss. I’ve been getting major déjà vu about this whole process, this is how it all played out two years ago, and ended with McClown being appointed....my prediction, he dicks around for a few weeks, gets rejected by all the big guns (again), like a fat girl trying to get a prom date, and winds up with Fat Sam once the Toon has reverted to type.

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