Kofi's Perspective on Grand Slam Sunday...

Sunday, 16 December 2007

So yesterday was grand slam Sunday, a day filled with so many expectations for so many people, but after being told that Leon had won the X-Factor, I knew all wasn’t right with the worlds equilibrium. My day started quite positively, I woke up slightly hungover from the night before, but I did recall memories of having a few wagers with my Man Utd supporting mate, all in all I was quite confident of a Liverpool victory. I get to the pub, get a nice seat and watch the simply ridiculous hype on Skysports. For some reason they had a boardroom full of ex footballers giving their defunct opinions on how the day’s events would pan out. Why do these "experts" get paid? Their professional insight on the premiership usually extends to telling us that any team that wants to win the title will have to finish above Man Utd. Oh really?

Anyway back to the game, so I was patiently waiting for the team sheet, furiously hoping that Crouch would start and the workman Kuyt would simply drop off the face of the earth and not just onto the bench, but sadly I was disappointed. I was still very optimistic about the game though, was my optimism unfounded? So we get to kick off, and as the first 45 minutes fly by I notice a pattern reminiscent of many other games against Man Utd. We create a few clear cut chances, dominate possession but somehow by some divine right we simply cannot put the ball in the net. So the question was how long until we get sucker punched? Low and behold on the stroke of half time Tevez nips in to score. How predictable was that? We simply didn’t turn up creatively, and it was quite clear that it wasn’t going to be our day. Kuyt was as awful as ever, we were playing with 10 men whilst he was on the pitch, god knows why Rafa has so much faith in him. Gerrard persisted on playing the quarter back role for most of the match, surely he wasn’t scared of Anderson? Torres literally disappeared from the pitch in the second half. Rio put in the performance of his life, and when you defend like that you have a chance wherever you go. They truly are champions, and I think that’s what frustrates us Liverpool fans the most.

So as I watched the last 45 minutes wind down, I sat there thinking will I ever see a Premiership title in my lifetime? Every year we are full of so much hope, but now it seems like there is a dark cloud over Anfield, something that simply wont allow us to do as well as we should be doing in the league. Something tells me that if we were playing a champions league semi final, then we would have won this game and that saddens me. Why can’t we get motivated in the premiership?

After drowning my sorrows with a couple of shots of whiskey I sat down to watch the Arsenal Chelsea game, which involved four of the most despicable human beings to grace the Premiership. Many of them getting what some might say they deserved. I think on reflection it probably should have been a draw, but without Drogba in the side Chelsea lacked the cutting edge required, and they desperately need to spend some cash in January. You seriously have to question the business acumen of Chelsea F.C, how the hell did AC Milan get 30 million pounds for Shevchenko, I will say it again, 30 million pounds!!!!?????? God knows what that can buy these days, but for some reason it can’t get you a striker who can run or score. Strange. Also, Chelsea got rid of Gallas(one of the best defenders in the league) for 5 million and Ashley Cole(One of the biggest …… in the league), and in the end it has come back to haunt them, seriously Kenyon what the hell are you doing?

When John Terry went off injured after a vintage Eboue tackle, you knew Chelsea were in trouble, and Ben Haim is not a suitable replacement. Sidwell, Ben Haim and Pizzaro? Simply awful Business, even for free and not squad depth that Chelsea need. Chelsea have been unlucky with injuries, but with the ANC around the corner, things will only get worse.

How apt was it to see the most detestable characters in football scrapping with each other? John Terry vs Fabregas/Eboue and Ashley Cole vs Fabregas. John Terry clearly tried to injure Fabregas which makes him a twat, but can you blame him? I am not the sort of person to wish injury on a player, but many will say that seeing Eboue go off injured was divine retribution for his double sending off last week. Fabregas is a brilliant player, but is a tedious annoyance, how long before someone punches him clean in the face, his hypocritical play acting was a disgrace and what more needs to be said about Ashley Cole? How classy of him to salute the fans who used to adore him with a cuntomary(spelt incorrectly on purpose) 2 finger gesture.

Overall I went home learning a few things about the top 4, that Liverpool will probably have to wait another year, Man Utd have the luck and steel of champions, and are the team to beat, Chelsea’s 1st team is awesome and would have beaten Arsenal, but with a few injuries they are lacking and Arsenal are going to be there until the very end, but its not a 2 horse race just yet.

5 Responses to "Kofi's Perspective on Grand Slam Sunday..."

Sam Says:

not being funny, and as a non supporter of the hyperbole top 4 (deffo an ABU at times) - you should have known Salford Reds would have won that game or at least not lost to Liverpool.
This is because Utd usually get the result there, also because Rafa purposefully set out to negate United's attacking threat and Gerrard was so deep with the defenders (I don't really class Riise as a defender) going beyond the halfway line. I can't even recall defenders coming up for corners.

Away from the so-called big 4, watch out Spurs. Our 1st clean sheet in the league for as long as I can remember against a team that is not Derby and maybe, just maybe, is Dawson's confidence the reason for Kaboul's perceived poor performances?

Watch out Liverpool - both Boro and ourselves will overtake you before long:)

Oge D Says:

I feel you platinum K! But in Torres' defence, he was feeding off crums yesterday!

Kuyt was his usual inert self, he might as well be a noble gas!

One thing I did learn is that when it comes to the premier league, liverpool will forever be the bridesmaids!

Anna Says:

"(spelt incorrectly on purpose)" -->> I like that you had to include that bit, Kofi. How humourless do you think we are, exactly?! lol

For someone who is supposed to be England's captain and JT was not showing very much sportsmanship out there, shameful.

Ryan Says:

We were out of the title race a while back. Just cus we were reasonably close to the top didn’t mean we ever actually had a chance.

I refer you to my Big 4 article. – I’ve never held much hope of a title challenge this year.

I doubt you’ll ever know the true feeling of helplessness that comes from knowing that your team can’t beat Utd no matter what.

I can honestly say that I have had enough of losing to Utd. It’s bordering on me doing something about it myself now and that’s never a good thing. In an American high school shooting type scenario.

I’d go down in Liverpool folklore as the man who took out the entire united team.

Kofi Says:

Its painful, im still hurting at the moment. I simply dont understand why we cant beat them. Maybe we do have too many average players. Kuyt was a disgrace, words cannot describe how bad he was. Ryan please do it, shoot them all. Now the stadium plans have been downgraded, seriously when it rains it poors.