**Roast Watch** Festive Special

Friday, 21 December 2007

Well, well well, at a time when many people will be pondering what methods to use to roast their turkeys this Christmas, footballers continue their all year round roasting campaign with even more shocking news coming out of the Man Utd camp.

THE girl “roasted” by Manchester United players at their Christmas party bragged drunkenly afterwards: They said I was great in bed.

The pretty reveller, aged around 19, had just had sex with five or six men, including three United players.

Their jeers and her moans were overheard by a sickened party guest. She said yesterday:

I was upstairs in the hotel gossiping with a friend when I heard cheering and clapping noises coming from one of the rooms.

We could hear the voices of around five or six men - together with the groaning noises of a girl who was clearly having sex.

The men were shrieking like hyenas and shouting, ‘Get in there’. My mate and I sat shocked as it was so vile.

After a few minutes the men filed out of the room laughing, and rushed downstairs for more booze.

I recognised three of them as members of the Manchester United squad - one of them a well-known name.

Posh ... hotel where Man U players were involved in roasting

Posh ... hotel where Man U players were involved in roasting

The girl then came staggering out boasting she had just had sex with all the men.

She was clearly very drunk and very pretty, and probably about 19 years old.

I asked if she was OK and she said, ‘Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t I be? They said I was a great shag’ and then she hobbled down the corridor.

She looked as if she was in a bit of pain. After that me and my mate left. I was shocked by the idea there had been an orgy at the party. It felt so sleazy.

Details of the sordid session at Manchester’s plush Great John Street Hotel on Monday night emerged following claims by a 26-year-old that she was raped at the bash.


The girl told police that Northern Ireland international Jonny Evans attacked her after she went upstairs with him following a dance.

Evans, 19, has denied the accusation, telling pals: “I didn’t do it.”

Cops have heard about grubby antics including beauties being passed around “like pieces of meat”.

Many revellers visited a casino and a pub before heading to the hotel.

Nearly 100 girls were there including models, ex-soap stars and well-known faces from Manchester’s party circuit. But there were no wives or girlfriends.

Last night the alleged rape victim remained in the Greater Manchester area as police continued to gather evidence and statements from her.

Red Devils ... club badge

Meanwhile United stars tried to put the party scandal behind them as they visited sick children.

Skipper Neville along with Scholes and Hargreaves cheered up kids at Booth Hall Children’s Hospital in Blackley, Manchester.

They handed out presents including one to little Huber Tanny, six.

Giggs and Rooney joined boxer Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton to raise money for charity at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Ricky, a keen fan of rivals Manchester City, wore a blue Santa hat while Wayne wore a red one as they gave a present to Josh Hodgin, 11.

The Old Trafford players make hospital visits every Christmas.

I'm confused by all this, why were some of the girls disgusted? You were invited to a party with no wives or girlfriends allowed, what were you honestly expecting, a civillised tea party? I love the way the Man Utd players think giving presents to children will vindicate them of any wrong doing. The girl said she heard people saying "get in there", what odds on her also hearing the immortal words "you got merked!!!!" Yes, we know you were there Rio.

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sam Says:

Did they play pass the parcel?

Anonymous Says:

urrrrrm they go and give christmas presents every year, its not like they had a roasting party and thought lets go give kids some presents.

Anonymous Says:

And people wonder about the state of English football these days

These boys are more interested in the filth than playing with pride for their country

What a disgrace

Anonymous Says:

going on corporate to manure next year they said there would be a roast i am scared stiff

Manch - Manchester hotels Says:

Yeah, actually, if one wanna protest against fans' violence they can do it but why claiming about damages if you know with whom you deal...

Manch - Manchester hotels Says:

And, besides, everyone is also responsible for his own safety...