Fergie Mark II

Monday, 1 October 2007

A few weeks ago we posted a hilarious video of Alex Ferguson celebrating what he thought was an equaliser in the Manchester Derby

Well it looks like the Scot isn't the only man who has the tendency to get over excited as this clip shows. Here, an Atletico Madrid executive gets ahead of himself thinking they've
equalised....when sadly they hadn't.

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I think the funniest thing about this clip is the fact that the guy next to him has no sympathy whatsoever and carries on laughing even when Fergie Mark II is clearly pissed off. If that was Fergie he probably would have spat his chewing gum right in his face


1 Responses:

Wunderkid Says:

That is pretty funny, what was the guy's name?

I wouldn't have much sympathy for the guy either after he hit me with a rolled up piece of paper!

What game was that?