Football predictable? Never.....

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

No one could have predicted Arsenal's spunktastic 7-0 win over Slavia Prague or nine man Man United's 4-2 hammering of Kiev last night (Come on..they had O'Shea and Fletcher playing), but a few things were a bit more predictable following last nights coverage on ITV........

1) Peter Drury using the word "perfect" about a billion times to describe Arsenal's performance. Then deciding to say it wasn't actually perfect because Theo Walcott didn't get a hat-trick.

2) The pundits comparing Theo's second goal to a certain Mr Henry. Not surprising considering Theo mentioning his finishing was Henry-esque himself in the post match interview. Calm down son, go and have a shave and think about what you have to do to get near the great man

3) Everyone thinking that Theo is the answer to England's problems and will become the greatest English striker in history. Calm down everyone. Theo was like a tourist in Thailand tonight, he couldn't fail to score

4) Those in the football world saying that Tevez and Rooney could be the new Dwight and Andy. First of all, they are way too ugly to be banging as many chicks as those two used to. Not until they appear in the News of the World together in a roasting scandal will I believe they share the same chemistry as Cole and Yorke. Secondly, Cole and Yorke won the treble, this Man United side have won nothing yet

5) Ronaldo making a meal of every tackle to no mention from Tydesley and then as soon as an opposition player goes down he says "they made a meal of it" or "he went down too easily". Open your eyes Clive

6) Clive Tydesley waxing himself over Man United so much that he failed to spot that it was Rio Ferdinand and not Vidic who got the opening goal. Listening to Clive is a bit like seeing your Mum and Dad snog in public. Completely embarrasssing and totally unnecessary.

7) TV Presenters using the word "Braveheart" to describe Ranger's performance against Barcelona. Do they actually have any Scottish players? Would you ever see anyone describe Arsenal as showing Bulldog Spirit? I don't think so


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