Premiership Ups and Downs....

Monday, 1 October 2007

Going Up

Man City, Elano and Petrov

Im starting to believe that Man City are the real deal this season, they have a solid defence, and a brilliant midfield. If they had a few decent strikers they could actually challenge for some of the top spots. Sven's skills on Football Manager have clearly paid off, and with Elano and Petrov they have two of the best signings I have seen in a long time. If these two keep playing they way they are then expect big things from Man City, it makes you wonder how these two great talents went under the radar of some of the bigger clubs in the league, I think maybe a few more managers need to get a copy of Football Manager before the season kicks off.


Another game, another win. Last season the Gooners would have lost this kind of game, this season they are a different outfit with a confidence developed through losing their best player. If you look at teams that have lost their main striker in recent times, they have gone on to be more successful. Liverpool lost Owen and went on to win the Champions League and the FA Cup and Man Utd lost Ruud to then go on and win the league. So losing your best players is sometimes a blessing in disguise, especially when your best player has an attitude that could ruin team spirit. and we all know Thierry was clearly a threatening presence.

Man Utd

Lets face it, the champions have been very poor this season, but they still find themselves near the top of the table. If Birmingham were aware of where the goal was, they would have buried Man Utd long before the half time whistle blew, but unfortunately they were lacking in quality, and allowed Ronaldo to sneak in to snatch an unlikely 1-0 win, but clearly it wasn’t that unlikely as they have won many of their previous outings by that scoreline. Their strikers are still misfiring, Rooney looks off the pace, Saha is their top scorer even though he has only played 5 minutes of football, but all in all you have to say that things look good for Man Utd, because when the star players start performing, not only will they be winning games, but they will be winning them in style.

Portsmouth, Benjani & The Beautiful Game

Its not often that you see an eleven goal thriller in a football match, its more likely to occur in a “high scoring" England rugby match considering how poor they are right now. This game was a great advertisement for the Premiership, but you have to wonder about the mental state of the managers after seeing their defence concede 11 goals combined. I think the most bizarre moment of the game was seeing the often impotent Benjani scoring a very impressive hat-trick, he has always been a player who seems afraid of scoring, he simply doesn’t know where the goal is, but this season he has been in great form.

Liverpool & Benayoun

Liverpool finally picked up a less than deserved win against Wigan, but playing badly and winning is something that Man Utd have trademarked in recent years, and if Liverpool can master it then maybe they have a chance to win the title this season. Benayoun rescued the 3 points with a superb solo effort, and looks like a player who is playing his way into a starting spot with two brilliant goals within a week. The importance of this win can not be underestimated especially with games against Tottenham, Everton, Arsenal and Blackburn coming up. If anyone can correctly guess Rafas next three starting line ups I will give them a special prize.


Not much to say apart from this man is pure brilliance, if he was in a top four side we would be calling him one of the best in the world. Criminally underrated.

Going Down

Chelsea & The Empire

Chelsea look like they could be in big big trouble, they were fortunate not to lose their much coveted home record and losing their captain to a broken cheekbone could spell the end of their title hopes this season. They are already 7 points off the pace and its only October. Avram has a tough job on his hands to motivate a team who he clearly doesn’t have the backing of. The ghost of Mourinho will continue to haunt this team. But with Abramovich still pumping money into the club, the dynasty isn’t finished just yet.


Has the need for video replays been any stronger? If the decisions at Upton Park and the JJB been correct the weekend results would have been much different, how long can the Premiership survive with linesmen making so many mistakes.

Steven Gerrard

Stevie G started the season in terrific form and was unbelievable against Chelsea, but ever since the debacle with his broken toe he has been more Igor Biscan than the Gerrard we know and love. Many say his last great performance was against West Ham in the FA cup, is the man we once called the best midfielder in the world on the wane? Being outshone by Jason Koumas is not a good sign of things to come.


They still have a game in hand, but being joint bottom in October is simply shocking.

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