Things That Annoy Me.....

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

1 -
Steve McClown really must be the most unintelligent human being in football since David Pleat. I know he is clearly trying to instill confidence in a player but this quote defies belief, its like comparing Michael Chopra's premiership record to Alan Shearer's.

McClown seems to believe that Paul Robinson is like England's Peter Schmeichel.

"I feel the same confidence in Robbo that we had in Peter Schmeichel when I was at Manchester United. I would not play him otherwise."

Never has one man been so deluded, I could probably catch a ball better than him, even if i greased my hands up with KY jelly.

2 - This world player of the year nonsense, have a look at the shortlist is below.

Buffon (Juventus, Italy), Cannavaro (Real Madrid, Italy), Cech (Chelsea, Czech Rep), Ronaldo (Man Utd, Portugal), Deco (Barcelona, Portugal), Drogba (Chelsea, Ivory Coast), Essien (Chelsea, Ghana), Eto'o (Barcelona, Cameroon), Gattuso (AC Milan, Italy), Gerrard (Liverpool, England), Henry (Barcelona, France), Juninho (Lyon, Brazil), Kaka (AC Milan, Brazil), Klose (Bayern Munich, Germany), Lahm (Bayern Munich, Germany), Lampard (Chelsea, England), Marquez (Barcelona, Mexico), Messi (Barcelona, Argentina), Nesta (AC Milan, Italy), Pirlo (AC Milan, Italy), Ribery (Bayern Munich, France), Riquelme (Villarreal, Argentina), Ronaldinho (Barcelona, Brazil), Rooney (Man Utd, England), Terry (Chelsea, England), Tevez (Man Utd, Argentina), Thuram (Barcelona, France), Torres (Liverpool, Spain), Van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid, Holland), Vieira (Inter Milan, France).

As you can see, there are a few names who have done nothing over the past year to warrant a place in this plastic list, but they have been included. How has Thierry Henry made it onto the shortlist, when he was injured all last season? Is it because of past glories or because of sponsorship deals? If thats the case lets throw Rivaldo and Beckham in the mix, Why is Torres there? Great player but last season Torres did nothing of note. I just don't understand these awards, if you hae a massive sponsorship deal then you make it on the list. If you have been crap for 3 years you can still make it on the list. Why isn't Seedorf on the list? Its because he isn't a glamorous player, lets ignore how good he was in the champions league last season. Gerrard wasn't even Liverpool's best player last season, if he is there then surely Carra should be there. Where the hell is Zlatan? The man who was brilliant for Inter last season. Ronaldinho scored tons of goals last season, still doesn't make it, Totti has been the most prolific "striker" in world football over the past year, still hasn't made this list. Shocking.

3 -As you may or may not know, I am not Michael Owen's biggest fan, but he really is raising the bar when it comes to being a complete moron. Never has a man put his country before his club so often, even when advised by professionals. The only man who constantly declares himself fit for England games. Sorry Newcastle fans, but this man doesn't love your club.

4 - Why are Chelsea hiring Ten Cate when they have Clarke there? Is he just another spy before they hire a dutch manager or is it something else. Either way Clarke has signed a new deal so im guessing they will have 2 first team coaches for a while. Strange, too many cooks spoil the broth and all that, a bit like too many whores will make your dick limp.

5 - Where is Harry Kewell?

6 - "Ballack wants to stay at Chelsea for life" Of course he does, he gets 130 grand a week to chill on an "ankle" injury and live in Chelsea. What a superhero.

2 Responses to "Things That Annoy Me....."

Anonymous Says:

Michael Owen is a prick of the highest order. He has almost John Terry's power of recovery when an England game comes around the corner. What a prat

Is this betting Says:

1 - Agreed about McClown. However, don't think he has any option but to try and instill as much confidence in Robinson as possible because there are NO alternatives to him.

German keepers are the best in the world. Full stop.

2 - Never realised that this list was a marketing scam. The more I see the list the more it is true. I'm surprised Cisse is not on the list as he sometimes appears in a few adverts.

Carragher should be on the list but probably not glamorous enough.

3 - Never understand why players cream in their pants to play for England. I could understand it yeas ago when they got some extra wedge and probably more advertising endorsements but these days that can't be true.

I've always enjoyed big England games as it was the one time my friends would watch a game together (half Liverpool/half Everton) but starting to lose interest now.

4 - Have no interest in Chelsea.

5 - Harry Who?

6 - see 4.