A View From the Kop

Thursday, 25 October 2007

I was unable to watch Liverpool's game last night so here is a view point from a Liverpool fan who was unfortunate enough to watch the Besiktas debacle. Our thanks go out to Ryan Thompson

"….. I am fully aware of how shit liverpool were last night – I had the misfortune of watching every dull second in the vain hope that Rafa might stumble across some kind of footballing knowledge and realize that Andriy Voronin is obviously shagged out from his last porn flick.

Also maybe he will realize that Ryan Babel isn’t a young Thierry Henry after all – he can’t play on the left wing – he’s right footed and seems to have some problem with his neck not being strong enough to support his head when he gets the ball, as he seems incapable of looking up.

A small ray of light was Stevie G looking somewhere near decent, however on the flip side, Liverpool’s defence, which has been its main strength for the last few years seems to have become a complete shambles since Sami “own goal” Hyppia has come back into the team.

We spent over 40m in the summer trying to get “2 players for every position” yet centre half is the one glaring omission and is now coming back to haunt us.

With Hyppia in the side we play on the edge of our own area as he is so slow he’d come 2nd to a pensioner with a zimmer frame over 5 yards. Therefore no pressure on the ball in midfield, so anyone with any quality can pick a pass and the striker is in.

Anyone for a Theo Hatrick on Sunday? Just me then."

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