Tuesday, 9 October 2007

One of the players up for nomination for Worst Playacting Ever this week is Knut Anders of Norway. Now I know what some of you are thinking, he shares the name of famous royalty, King Knut. The less educated of you are probably laughing at the fact that if you cunningly re-arrange the letters of his first name then you get Kunt.

Either way, this video was recently brought to my attention after the antics of Dida the other week. Now, for me to defend Dida's actions would be almost as bad as defending OJ Simpson during his murder trial but at least Dida was slightly tapped, which cannot be said for Mr Anders. His actions are quite simply outrageous and his acting talents are clearly being wasted in the beautiful game as he really should be being paid to be an extra in war films.

I am not sure whether he got punished for this incredible behaviour but I personally think he should have been given a lifetime ban. You can judge his antics for yourself and then decide whether he should have your vote for Worst Playacting Ever.


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