***Roast Watch*** A Brazilian Special

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Well well well, its been a while since the last obscene act of a professional footballer, but this one is a classic. These two men below are probably two of the most talented footballers in world football today, but as we found out over the past few weeks they like to indulge in a bit of roasting too.

So Brazil won a World Cup qualifier against Ecuador last Wednesday, and to celebrate these two decided to involve themselves in what only can be described as an alcohol fueled orgy. You will notice that neither player was selected to play in their respective weekend fixtures.

The Brazilian daily newspaper O Globo, were kind enough to provide us with some quite simply hilarious details about the celebrations.

They described Ronaldinho as someone who played a very prominent role in the celebrations and apparently he was the last footballer to leave the disco – at 11am, hidden in the boot of a car to avoid being photographed.

The most hilarious and shocking part of it is to do with Robinho, a man who apparently has a fiance and is expecting his first child.

"At one point Robinho – who had been seen dancing with a voluptuous blonde – asked a security guard “for 40 condoms,” the report said, adding that the Real Madrid player left the disco at 5am."

40 condoms? What does one man need with 40 condoms? The only thing I could think of was that he was planning on banging someone who has around 1000 sexual partners and wanted to make sure he didn't catch anything so he thought he would strap up with 40 Johnnys. So I wonder.... who was this person that had slept with over 1000 people?

Jokes aside, I am sure the two playmakers were loving the fact that they were up to their Brazil nuts in guts, although after wearing 40 condoms I am not sure that they would have actually felt anything. Both players have denied any involvement in this shambles which isn't surprising really given their current form. I think its about time they focused their attention on getting back to their best on the football pitch

Stay tuned for more RoastWatch coming soon......

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