The Most Disgraceful Thing I Have Seen In Football...

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Dida should be punished for probably the worst attempt to cheat since Charles Ingram on WWTBAM.

2 Responses to "The Most Disgraceful Thing I Have Seen In Football..."

sir spam alot. Says:

i think you should have a poll to see who thinks what was the worst play acting? Rivaldo and Dida come to mind.

Wunderkid Says:

Sir Spam-a-Lot, (so you're behind world-wide spams!) I voted for Andrei Shevchenko pretending to be a centre-forward at Chelsea as the worst play-acting I've ever seen, although Dida's was just as bad Rivaldo's and was funnier cos' he went to chase after the guy then fell over upon realising that beating up a (probably not even drunk) guy who barely touched him may get him in a bit of trouble.

Imagine Dildo if someone actually did hit him, his head would fall off.