Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Friday, 12 October 2007

As I made way home on the tube today I was confronted by the bizarre news that Cesc Fabregas has paid the princely sum of £3,000 to have all his chest hair removed.

It can't be argued that Fabregas' decision to remove that ridiculous mullet many months ago was a the correct decision but it remains to be seen whether this latest move could be catastrophic to Arsenal's season.

What if that chest hair was the reason for Cesc's incredible goalscoring and matchwinning performances this season? Has he made a boo-boo and decided to get rid of his Samson like powers for the sake of being able to do a Ravaenelli type celebration without getting embarassed?

It remains to be seen the effect this has on the Gooner's title challenge but it could be a very dangerous move.


1 Responses:

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

Personally I'm more concerned with Sagna getting rid of his braids...made him much easier to identify and he wasn't as effective against Sunderland after the cut!

I think I'll grow a beard to balance out the Cesc/Sagna loss of hair karma.