Premiership Ups & Downs....

Monday, 8 October 2007

Going Up

Chelsea & Avram

Some may call Avram another Israeli illegally occupying something, but no one can deny that he has had a good week. Cheslea finally scored a Premiership goal, with Kalou netting the winner in an evenly fought game. I'm sure Avram is feeling pleased with himself right now, with important wins against Valencia & Bolton leaving Chelsea in a much better position than when he first took over. Avram is by no means the man that Mourinho is, but these wins and the return of Frank Lampard can only mean better results amd an increased cafeteria bill.

Arsenal & Van Persie

Last season Arsenal would have probably passed their way into the changing room, rather than get the ball into the net for the winner. This season however things have changed, even afer a brave fightback from Sunderland we all knew Arsenal would get the goal they needed to win the game, regardless of Theo Walcott's Akinbiyi impression. Van Persie is looking back to his best, and they just cant seem to stop the man whose right foot might as well be strapped up and replaced with something more useful, but it cant be denied that he truly is going to be a world class player

Man Utd, Ronaldo & Anderson

Ronaldo's black eye did not stop him from tearing apart Wigan, and helping Man Utd to the top of the table for a brief time. They are starting to play well, and im sure the performance of the protitute roasting Anderson, will give Fergie some hope for the future. His passing was sublime at times, and he seems to be gaining in confidence. Tevez looked dangerous and Rooney is scoring again and with Ronaldo they have a player who can create alot out of nothing.

Elano and Sven

Simply the best player in the league on current form and probably the buy of the season. His finishing is different class, and with freekicks as acccurate as a Peter North cum shot, I'm sure Man City fans can expect to see alot more class from this man. And perhaps people are now realising that Sven is actually a decent manager and the reason he had no success with England is just cos they are shit. His club record speaks for itself.

Michael Owen & Alan Shearer

Back from injury AGAIN, another goal, more Owen hype, more people thinking Owen is the second coming and even more sexual enjoyment for Mr Shearer; who seems to love felating Owen at any moment he can. Get a room guys.

Robbie Keane

Quite possibly the greatest MOTD interview I have ever seen. What a guy. 2 decent goals too.

Random mention

Alfonso Alves of Herenveeren who scoored 7 goals in one game, regardless of how good you think the Dutch league is, thats an unbelievable feat.

Going Down

Dean Ashton

Another England Call up, another injury to rule him out. When will this man get the chance he deserves?

Paul Robinson
Utter turd, the man drops his balls more than a post adolescent boys school, but why does McClaren still have faith in him? He is awful and he's fat too.

Liverpool, Hyypia & Steven Gerrard

Don't let the highlights fool you, Gerrard was anonymous against Tottenham and he somehow could not dominate a midfield consisting of Jenas and Zakora, thats like struggling to win a pissing distance challenge against some girls. Hyypia needs to be wheeled into a old people's home, he would probably have more pace in a wheelchair. I'm concerned that he can't even use his best asset(his height) to his advantage anymore. Claims by Ryan Babel, that they do not practice attacking formations in training, seems to suggest that Rafa is more concerned with making liverpool a defensive unit, thus stifling the money he has spent on new attacking talent.


I seriously think they do need to speak to David Blunkett about how to hold on to a lead.


Another week passes and another bunch of refereeing decisions cost someone some points. Steve Sidwell massages the ball in the box, no penalty. Didi Hamann rapes someone from behind in the box, no penalty. Makes Rob Styles penalty decision at Anfield this season even more baffling.


Going, going...Im willing to put my life savings on them not winning one away game this season.

England & Gareth Barry

Frank Lampard is Back....: -(


Thank god UEFA have grown some balls and decided to sanction Dida for being a complete and utter cheating moron.

7 Responses to "Premiership Ups & Downs...."

Wunderkid Says:

I agree with you about the refs, those were cast-iron penalties both to Bolton and Boro (United had about three turned down against Wigan, not that it mattered much) and this comes in a week when Barwick has launched a respect for referees"campaign, ha, I'll respect them when they learn to do their jobs properly and there probably should be technology (like replays for disputed penalty shouts) introduced into the game.

Derby will finish last and won't win an away game, they're a waste of space in the league as unlike B'ham and Sunderland, they didn't buy anyone except Kenny Miller ( who will be desperately wanting to leave in January).

Finally, on Afonso Alves, a bigger club in a bgger league will probably get him in Jan as he scored about 40 for Heerenveen last season and put 7 past hapless Heracles Almelo who were almost relelgated last season but I watch the Dutch league occasionly and it has to be said that the standards of their middle-to-lower clubs,defensively is rubbish.

Rotate This...... Says:

I'm becoming a little concerned with this sites propensity to slate Stevie G and Liverpool as a whole.

I understand that they are playing complete rubbish at the moment, but I didn't see you slating Utd at the start of the season when they were shite.

As for Stevie G, the performances he has put in over the last few games have been to the standard of the rest of the midfielders in the premier league. Simply because he is so much better than the rest you opt to slate him.

Remember - Form is temporary, class is permanent.

Wunderkid Says:

Rotate This-

You were on here doing exactly what you criticize this site for doing not long ago on the "Anfield Agony" article, slating Liverpool.

Whilst I agree that Steven Gerrard is the best central midfielder in the Premier League at this stage he is not "so much" better than the rest.

His performance for the most part against Olympique Marseilles was rancid, remember that "brilliant cross-field pass" he did straight back to Andrei Voronin from Voronin's corner-kick late on that was soooooo obviously a mis-hit shot attempt?

And his performances recently have been nowhere near those of one Francesc Fabregas who I would rank as least the 3rd best central midfielder in the Premier League at the moment below Claude Makelele but definitely above Frank Lampard. He's definitely been by far the best central midfielder in the Premiership recently.

Wunderkid Says:

By the way Rotate This, you say that United were, to put it in your words, "SHITE" at the start of the season, when we killed Reading, Madchester Shitty and most of those teams we played early on who employed typical "bus in front of goal" tactics against us and we would have about 30 chances in those games but not be able to actually take any of those chances, a bit like Arsenal last season.

I remember that awful Madchester derby which Shitty won with one of about 3 shots on goal they'd had for the whole game.

We were totally dominant in those early games and actually played way better football in those early games than we've played in any of our wins so far up to this Wigan one.

My point is that it was simply an inablilty to take our chances that resulted in poor results for us early on and not "shite" fuzball. It's like the Arsenal of last season, they were playing the equal-best fuzball with us in the league but their stikers couldn't hit a barn door from two yards so they dropped heaps of crucial points, otherwise, they definitely would've been up there with us and Chelsea last season.

rafasnewbeard Says:

I think a player like Steven Gerrard has set such high standards for himself, that when his performances are below par it really shows. I have never seen him have such a poor run of games, where he appears like a player who lacks the desire and drive to push the team forward. He is the captain, many people may call for Rafas head, but why dont they call for Gerrard to be dropped?

Alonso was superb before his injury, and his combination with Monster Mash was working well. Without him in the team there has been no ball retention and suddenly Gerrard is looking poor.

I disagree with the Man Utd comment, ive read quite a few articles highlighting how poor they were at the beginning of the season, but it cant be denied that they have improved and are getting back to their best.

Anonymous Says:

Kofi, you should ask Blunkett for advice on how to get laid.

Kofi Says:

lol, im liking the debate in here, anyone want to contribute an article? Anonymous you can put one up about reasons why i struggle to get laid. lol