Martin Jol……The Cat With Nine Lives

Monday, 1 October 2007

I have written this article merely minutes after the game at White Hart Lane where Tottenham staged a remarkable comeback to grab a point against a stunned Aston Villa.

Kaboul capped an incredible rescue act in injury time after Spurs looked down out with 20 minutes left and facing a deficit of 4-1.

Paul Robinson had another nightmare as Villa ripped Tottenham to shreds and Martin O Neill must be tearing his hair out after his side threw way three points on Spurs 125th Anniversary.

Villa hadn’t scored away from home before today which goes to show just how truly inept the Spurs side are at the moment.

So where did it go wrong for Villa? Well the catalyst appears to have been the introduction of Marlon Harewood, possibly one of the worst signings of the summer.

He gave away a needless penalty at 2-4 and also didn’t do one thing right during the whole of his performance. In fact, I would probably go as far as to say that it was the worst cameo performance I have seen since OJ Simpson appeared in Naked Gun.

Daniel Levy celebrated when Kaboul slammed home the equaliser but deep down he looked quite annoyed as if it hadn’t gone in then he was primed to deliver the axe to Jol. That goal will probably give the Dutchman a brief stay of execution but surely it will be sooner rather than later that he gets the bullet. Spurs are still in the bottom three and every time a team attacks them they look like they are gonna fold like Frank Bruno did against Mike Tyson all those years ago.

Just how many lives does Martin Jol have left?


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s(p)am Says:

although they crowded on him when they equalised, i think he is a gonner. quotes like "nobody could have done better than me" mean nothing when two seasons ago, Spurs played the lowest number of games by any premiership team that season. didn't exactly tear up any trees last season and with robinson (who in the past i have defended) looking dodgier than ever, it is a matter of time before Jol is gone and replaced by someone who will inherit the spurs inability to do anything useful. it is the spurs way, we're used to it.
one name and the question why? Kevin "Prince" Boateng. Feckin George Boateng is better!