A few things which are annoying me.....

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

1) I watched Man United's game on ITV and almost wanted to throw my television out of the window. Not because of the game itself which was pretty tedious but because of the ridiculously bad commentary. A job of a commentator is to give a reasonably balanced view of proceedings and have a decent knowledge of the teams who are playing.

Tydesley was really getting on my wick in the first half. Instead of talking about the game he spent the whole of the first half talking about the 7-1 pasting Man U handed out last year. Granted, this was bound to be mentioned but to constantly talk about every incident of the game in relation to that result was simply outrageous and very bloody annoying. Was there any mention of Roma's decent form this season and how coupled with Man Utd's shot shy team this could be an incredibly tight game? Course not, Tyldesely was too busy whipping himself into a frenzy over last year's result. For God's sake Clive, take off those rose tinted spectacles and do your fecking job.

And don't even get me started on David "Ronaldeano" Pleat.

2) It looks as though John Terry has once again done the impossible and could be fit to play against Valencia. Am I not the only person who is sick and tired of the hype surrounding every injury that JT gets? Whenever he gets injured the first diagnosis always appears to be that he is about for about a month and therefore will miss key games for both club and country. Cue mass hysteria on how he is to be replaced and how Chelski are getting bad luck with injuries. Then , shock horror iron man JT overcomes all the odds to fight off that career threatening injury and is set to play the next game after all. He really is that man who will sweat blood and tears to pull on the jersey. What a load of garbage. Stop making JT to be some sort of inspirational leader who will overcome adversity to play the game. Its nonsense, just admit that the injury wasn't that bloody serious in the first place.

3) Andy Townsend. No particular reason. I just think hes a rubbish pundit

4) Steve Ryder's hair. Not exactly sure what is going on there


3 Responses to "A few things which are annoying me....."

Valderrama's Jockstrap Says:

Could be worse, you could have watched the commentators bang on for most of the first half of the Arsenal match about a booking for a Romanian player that had never happened. I was sinking thinking it was bollox.

They had to sheepishly admit at halftime that he hadn't been booked, although they blustered something about needing to check the video.

Mike Says:

On the Roma game I have to agree. United were crap. If Roma could get the ball on target I believe they would have won. As for Rooney's goal, it looked to me that he missed kicked it. Bloke on talk radio said it was a great goal. I thought Roma's close passing was excellent. United seem to play too many long passes to be effective when they did try to play close football it broke down due to lack of movement in the right position. Ferdinand had a good game as did Nani, Ronaldo's in his shadow at the moment. When is Fergie going to realise that Saha is useless.

Wunderkid Says:


Rooney may've mis-kicked it but I doubt it.

Listen, I'm the world's biggest Manchester United fan but even I will admit that we were pretty bloody lucky to beat Chelsea, especially that goal after 10 billion minutes of stoppage time, pretty lucky to snatch a win over Birmingham and we could've lost to Roma 3-1.

The result over Wigan is much better and it is possible that the only reason Saha is "injured" again is another exceptionally clever ploy by the best coach in the world Fergie to keep him out of France's up-coming Euro 2008 qualifiers. If he's gonna get injured all the time I prefer it to be for us and not for the frogs!

But we possibly need one or two new stikers in January and Saha and /or others like O'Shea or Carrick could possibly leave the club as trade make-weights in order to get someone like Dimitar Berbatov or Nicolas Anelka to the club.

In the meantime, Cristiano Ronaldo will no doubt fill in the out-and-out centre forward's role whilst Saha is out as that's the position he most often played for Sporting Lisbon before we got him and althogh it was only one game against Wigan he looked better in that role than Rooney ever has.

Rooney should stick to being the Zidane or Totti IN BEHIND the main striker rather than trying to be that man himself.